Hercules: the Legendary Journeys: First Season

by Ceryndip

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The Wrong Path
Eye of the Beholder
Road To Calydon
The Festival of Dionysus
As Darkness Falls
Pride Comes Before A Brawl
The March To Freedom
The Warrior Princess
The Gladiator
The Vanishing Dead
The Gauntlet
Unchained Hearts

The Wrong Path

January 15, 1995

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Clare Carey, Mick Rose
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: Doug Lefler

A group of men are robbing the tavern. Hercules and Iolaus break it up. One poor guy standing in a noose keeps getting the stool nearly knocked out from under him. They enjoyed the fight but both feel a little stiff. If Deianeira is still up, Hercules plans to have her work out the kinks. Hercules is supposed to help Iolaus do some smithing tomorrow.

Hercules walks into a quiet, dark house. A storm blows up outside. Hercules is about to enter the bedroom when a fireballs engulf Deianeira and then the children. Hercules curses Hera.

Iolaus arrives to find Hercules sitting outside remembering his family. He tells Iolaus what happened. Hercules thinks that Zeus betrayed him and won't even show his face to explain why. Iolaus wants to help Hercules destroy everything Hera loves. Hercules says he has to do this alone and sends Iolaus home.

Hercules breaks up the furniture. A man comes to ask for help. Hercules sends him away. The man badmouths Hercules in the tavern. Iolaus defends him. Iolaus offers to help the guy. Lycus explains that his village, Ister, is plagued by a she-demon sent by Hera who demands their first born sons.

Hercules burns the family's furnishings along with the house and walks away. Iolaus and sent set out for Ister.

Hercules goes to visit his mother. Zeus has already been there to tell her what happened. Alcmene tells him that Hera will destroy anything and every thing that he loves to assure that Hercules lives a life of loneliness. Zeus was with a woman and wasn't paying attention. Hercules leaves to pay Hera back by destroying her 7 temples.

Iolaus tells Lycus about some of his adventures with Hercules. Lycus is skeptical.

Hercules climbs a rock wall to reach a temple.

Iolaus and Lycus see a young men, Orestes, who is about to give flowers to the she-demon. She turns him into stone before they arrive.

The temple guards inform Hercules that they are dealing with a thief inside. Hercules tells them the place is coming down. Hercules rescues the girl and they leave just as the place falls apart. She is an escaped slave, named Aegina, and got caught stealing food.

Aegina wants Hercules to take her to Ister. He agrees because there is a temple to the east of there.

Iolaus sees more statues. Lycus points out the she-demon's cave.

Aegina thinks that Hercules' family would want him to do something to honor them not what he's doing for revenge. She trips and sprains her ankle. Aegina tells Hercules that he can't let Hera turn him into something that he's not. He finally agrees that he should be helping people. He feels bad for turning down the farmer.

Iolaus gets ready to go into the cave saying he's resisted many women and he plans to cut her tail off. He enters the cave and she turns him into stone.

Hercules and Aegina are greeted by an old man who offers his condolences on the loss of Iolaus. Hercules tries to send Aegina away because anybody near him becomes a target. She refuses to go.

Hercules enters the cave to find the she-demon. He stops by the statue of Iolaus and tells him this one's for him. He finds the she-demon and they fight. He eventually arranges for her to sting herself with her tail and she is turned to stone.

When the she-demon died her victims were released from the statues. Iolaus says it was strange on the other side. He tells Hercules that he saw Deianeira and the kids and they are fine except for missing him. Hercules plans to hold them in his heart next to Iolaus. He heads down the road to do good.

Eye of the Beholder

January 22, 1995

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Kim Michalis, Richard Moll
Written By: John Schulian
Directed by:John Kretchmer

Hercules is being chased by the daughters of King Thespius. He wants each of his daughters to have a child by Hercules. A drunk in the tavern wants to know what Hercules is going to do about the cyclops that has been chasing people out of their homes to protect Hera's sacred vineyards. Hercules decides that it'll be easier to deal with one cyclops than the 50 sisters.

Salmoneus comes face to face with the Cyclops. He is on his way to Trakus. The Cyclops throws him over the vineyards.

Hercules finds Salmoneus hanging from a tree. Salmoneus is a traveling toga salesman and is thrilled that Hercules is going to take case of the cyclops.

A group of men are trying to move a rock and redirect the river. The cyclops arrives and tells them to leave the river alone.

Salmoneus tries to talk Hercules into advertising for his togas. Two men arrive and warn Hercules about the cyclops. He has redirected the river to irrigate Hera's vineyards. The village doesn't matter to her.

Hercules and Salmoneus arrive in Trakus. The villagers throw a party to celebrate the hero's arrival. The 50 daughters show up and Salmoneus covers for him by telling them that he's on the road to Athens. Salmoneus tries to sell them some togas while Hercules crawls out.

The cyclops runs off a woman gathering flowers. Another man come forward and calls Hercules a coward for not facing up to those women last night. Hercules fights with the guy who gets a couple of good punches in leaving Hercules with a headache. The woman follows him out of town asking about the plan Hercules doesn't have. She finally wishes him luck and goes back to the village.

A man from the village warns Hera's slave master that Hercules is coming. He thinks that Hercules' head will make an excellent decoration for the main table at the Festival of Hera's Believers.

Salmoneus follows Hercules. He wants to watch Hercules do terrible things to the cyclops. Hercules allows him to come along because he's afraid to go back.

The slave master warns the cyclops. He sees the cyclops has a woman's scarf. He belittles him for wanting a girlfriend and makes him mad.

Hercules and Salmoneus run straight into the 50 sisters and start running the other way. They capture Salmoneus.

Hercules fights with the cyclops and tells him he'd like to know why he's always in such a foul mood. So the cyclops takes him back to his cave and gives him a drink. He explains that the villagers have never been nice to him. The cyclops doesn't' work for Hera, he works for Castus, the vineyard manager. Hercules points out that by not killing him, Hera will be just as mad at the cyclops.

Hercules finds Salmoneus wearing a tree branch and a few leaves. The sisters stole his clothes.

Castus is not pleased about the cyclops sparing Hercules.

Salmoneus tells an exaggerated story about Hercules fighting the cyclops. The villagers are not happy about Hercules not killing the cyclops. Salmoneus sets up a meeting with the sisters as part of the agreement that they release him. Hercules explains that he is not opposed to beautiful women but that if he's going to have any more children he has to love their mothers.

The cyclops argues with Castus who tells him that Hera has let loose the executioners and they will kill everyone. He hasn't' decided which side he's on yet.

Hercules helps the villagers move the boulders that will reroute the river. The cyclops comes to help and the villagers chase him away. The girl, Scilla, chases after him. Hercules explains that the cyclops is evil because they put the evil in him. Hercules after them as well.

The cyclops wants to help Hercules fight the executioners to show him and Scilla how much he appreciates them not treating him like a freak. They go to warn the village but run into the executioners instead. The battle is on.

The villagers watch but won't help a freak or those that side with a freak. Salmoneus decided it will be better to die than to stand with them and runs to help.

They defeat the executioners. The cyclops agrees that as long as they leave him in peace he'll help them do the same as long as they treat him with respect.

The sisters arrive looking for Salmoneus. They've decided that he will do just fine. Hercules wishes him luck.

Road to Calydon

(January 29, 1995)

Guest Stars: Norman Forsey, Portia Dawson, John Sumner
Written By: Andrew Dettmann and Daniel Truly
Directed by: Doug Lefler

A group of pilgrims arrive at an abandoned city and decide that it is a gift from the gods, a new home. Hera has a temple here. She brews up a storm. Hercules takes refuge from the storm in a cave A man tells him that this storm is evil, Hera's rage and coming doom. He sees plenty of suffering on the horizon.

The pilgrims take refuge in one of the buildings, a child goes out after his dagger which he lost.

Hercules travels with the blind seer and they arrive to find the villagers cleaning up after the devastating storm. The girl is still searching for her brother. Hercules helps her find him by lifting the basket he's hiding under.

Hercules asks if he can help them and shown around by Broteas, their leader who assures him that they are tough and can handle this. The seer tells them that the village is cursed. They catch water from the spring and it turns colors.

They explain that they were driven from their homes by war and they've been wandering looking for another home ever since. Hercules shares his food with them. Broteas reminds them that there is someone who needs food more than they do after Hercules leaves.

The seer sits in Hera's temple and sees flashbacks of what happened here. The destruction caused by Hera after Zeus gave a woman a gift here.

Hercules stops the offering of his food and gives it back to the people.

The seer tells Hercules that Zeus gave the maiden a chalice and Hera turned her into a dog and cursed the village. Hercules tries to convince the villagers that Hera has damned the village and they should leave. They ask where they should go. Hercules tells them to go to Calydon on the edge of the stymphalian swamp. Hercules agrees to take them through the swamp. Calydon is protected by Apollo.

Broteas asks the people to chose sides and they chose Hercules. As they are leaving the seer tells Hercules that something bad will happen. Hera sends a creature from her temple that creates more warriors like itself and they follow the villagers.

It begins to rain and hail stones. Hercules gets everyone into a cave.

They continue on. Hera's warriors get directions from an old peddler on the road and turn up to attack the villagers. Hercules defeats them. The last one saying that Hera won't stop until she has what's hers. Hercules gets the seer to tell them that the chalice was stolen from Hera's temple. The villagers don't admit who has the chalice.

Hercules thinks that Broteas has the chalice, he wants the seer to help prove it.

Broteas convinces some of the men that the curse is Hercules'.

Hercules talks to the girl who the others sort of shun. Jana was raised an orphan in a brothel and Ixion also is an orphan that she takes care of. That night she tries to sneak a peek in Broteas' bag and is caught. there is nothing in his bag.

Broteas wants to purify the little thief be fire at the next altar to Hera that they find. Hercules says no. The next day they enter the swamp. The dog that has been watching them is there.

The Stymphalian bird flies over and attacks them. The dog attacks Broteas and the chalice falls out of his bag. Hercules tries to get the bird to attack him. Jana and Ixion fall into a sand pit and begin sinking. Hercules has to deal with the bird first. Hercules gets the bird trapped in a sand pit and then dives in after the trapped villagers.

The men realized that Broteas is the greedy thief. Hercules stops the villagers from hurting him and throws the chalice far away. They continue to Calydon. The seer doesn't see any more trouble for the villagers. Hercules sends them on the way and continues on his journey. The old women finally accept Jana.

The dog turns up again and stays with the blind seer.

The Festival of Dionysus

February 5, 1995

Guest Stars: Norman Forsey, Jonathan Blick, Warren Carl, Katrina Hobbs, Todd Rippon
Written By: Andrew Dettmann and Daniel Truly
Directed By: Peter Ellis

The queen has a terrible dream that the King would be killed by the virgins at the Festival. She wakes her son, Nestor, and sends him to get Hercules.

Hercules ends up in an ale-drinking competition after trying to stop an old man from being taken advantage of in a tavern. Only his opponent is really twin satyrs who switch places while Hercules is drinking. A brawl breaks out in the tavern after the twin's leave when Hercules sees them both at the same time. Hercules is a little drink and later is a little hung over when the Queen's son arrives looking for him. He gets Hercules some coffee and explains that his mother wanted Hercules to attend the festival.

Hercules declines and the prince talks him into coming. Hercules guesses that Dionysus isn't at bad as the rest of the gods. Prince Nestor explains that they ask for the new wine to be blessed and then they drink, but only the virgins have to drink. They then confirm the king for another year or pass on the throne to his eldest son.

Prince Nestor leaves Hercules to mingle quietly among the people until the time for the ceremony. The Queen doesn't want anyone to know Hercules is there.

Nestor greets his brother. Nestor's girlfriend is to be the head maiden this year which means that if Pentheus become king then Nestor's girlfriend becomes his queen.

Hercules tries to keep a low profile and breaks up a tavern fight anyway. He rescues the blind seer. Hercules wants to know what the doom is all about. He's only heard that King Iphicles is a good king. Nestor comes to collect Hercules, the queen wants to see him secretly.

Pentheus wants to get to know Nestor's girlfriend better. She ends up slapping him.

The Queen explains her dream and feelings of misgivings. Hercules tells her she's not imagining things.

Pentheus prays to Ares. A warrior warns Pentheus about a stranger in the city that could be a problem. Pentheus tells him to take care of it. The warriors find Hercules and Nestor talking and start a fight. Hercules and Nestor end up falling through a trap door into water. The only way out is back the way they came and they can't reach that. Nestor doesn't know anything about this dungeon. Pentheus explains that's because he's had it added to the castle, just as he's going to control the wine that will control the maidens and crown him king tonight. Pentheus releases a monster of some sort into the water.

The ceremony is begun while Hercules and Nestor fight off the creature.

Queen Camilla asks Marysa to see to it that they do not kill her husband.

Hercules defeats the monster and uses it's body as a rope to climb out of the dungeon. They bump into the seer and bring him along toward the ceremony. They have to avoid a few of Pentheus' men along the way. They duck into a tavern and run into Hercules' two drinking friends who are persuaded to delay the men.

The virgins arrive at the ceremony just ahead of Hercules and Nestor. Hercules recognizes Ares' hand by looking at the image in the moon. He tries to stop them from drinking by warning them that Ares has poisoned the wine but some already have drunk. Hercules tells the seer and Nestor to keep them away from the wine while he goes to the palace.

Pentheus is concerned that Hercules still lives and sends one of his men to kill him.

The King and Queen go to bed. Hercules faces the man sent to kill him and easily handles him. Hercules finds Ares' shrine.

Nestor doesn't keep them away from the wine and they decide to kill the king. The seer does keep the others away. Hercules arrives in the King's chambers and explains that the wine has been affected by Ares and not Dionysus.

Pentheus believes that his father has been killed by the virgins but his father confronts him instead. Nestor punches Pentheus. Pentheus asks for Ares help and drinks the wine. He fights with Hercules. Pentheus ends up falling into the dungeon. Ares leaves the wine.

Hercules tells the seer that he can let the people drink. The King, Queen and Nestor thank Hercules and he says his farewells. The seer tags along with Hercules.


February 12, 1995

Guest Stars: Cory Everson, Marise, Wipani, Peter Malloch, Callum Stembridge
Written By: Steve Roberts
Directed By: Harley Cokeliss

Hercules finds a dying man on a battlefield who asks him to take his sword and a message to his wife and son back home. Hercules agrees.

Titus, the man's son, goes hunting with a friend. A soldier comes out of the brush and gives the two boys each a club and tells them to kill each other. The boys fight and Titus looses his weapon and runs for home.

Hercules arrives at the village and finds the man's wife, Janista. He delivers the message and she invites him for a meal. Hercules offers to help her fix the roof before he goes back on the road. He goes to find the blacksmith and finds Atalanta. She arm wrestles him to determine if he really is Hercules. He's looking for some nails.

She doesn't have any nails today, so Hercules goes off looking for the boys.

Titus' friend is inducted into the cult of Ares.

Atalanta works feverishly thanks to Ares on several swords which are taken by the boys.

Hercules finds Titus and they look for his friend Ximenos. They find a symbol of two crossed swords and Hercules decides that they should leave things alone and goes back home.

Janista picked up the nails. Ximenos comes back and tries to entice Titus to join the army.

All the men in the village went off to war and Hercules causes quite a stir. Atalanta comes to get Hercules and explains that she was overcome by the urge to to make swords. She doesn't know where the swords are but there have been rumors of a roving band of boys.

Hercules visits Hera's temple to see if she is behind this. Again he finds the sign of war and realizes that Ares must be behind this.

The boys come back from a raid. Ximenos returns with Titus. Titus chickens out and says he has to get back to help Hercules with the roof. Ares tells the boy's leader to use Titus to get to Hercules

Hercules comes in to find Janista has read the message from her husband.

Aurelius comes to apologize to Titus and tells him that the war didn't kill his father. Hercules did and now Hercules has come to seduce his mother.

Titus runs up to Hercules and tells him he knows where the swords are. Hercules sees the mark of war branded on his arm. The kids attack Hercules and bring the roof down on him.

Atalanta and Janista find Hercules and help move the rocks off him. Hercules tells them that Titus led him into this trap and Janista goes off to find him. Atalanta takes Hercules off to rest.

Janista finds Titus at home playing with the sword. Titus tells her about Ares saying Hercules killed his father. Titus runs off. Atalanta attend's Hercules wounds and then goes with him to find the kids.

Ares tells Aurelius to use his blood to defeat Hercules.

Atalanta attacks Hercules and uncovers the burn on her arm to reveal the brand of two crossed swords. She uses her whip on Hercules. Hercules throws her into the pond and she returns to her senses.

Aurelius tells the boys that if they cut Hercules with Ares' blood on their swords, he'll die.

Janista warns Hercules and Atalanta about Titus. She goes with them to get her son back. They find the boys performing a ritual for Ares. Hercules interrupts it and Ares ties them up with roots.

Hercules tells the boys that Ares is only using them. Aurelius orders the boys to kill Atalanta. Hercules frees himself and forces the boys to choose sides. They choose Hercules' side. Hercules then fights Aurelius. Atalanta takes on the rest of the boys.

Ares arrives wearing a suit of evil looking armor. They fight. Titus throws Hercules his sword that had been covered in Ares' blood. Hercules throws it at Ares and defeats him. Ares leaves saying, next time. Hercules sends the boys home.

They all head home. Hercules says his farewells to Janista, Titus and Atalanta.

As Darkness Falls

February 19, 1995

Guest Stars: Robert Trebor, Cliff Curtis, Jacqueline Collen, Lucy Lawless, Peter Muller, Mark Ferguson
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: George Mendeluk

A centaur, Nemis, is in love with a woman named Penelope. He asks Hera to help him and she give him a club to kill Hercules with.

Hercules runs up to a soldier who is bound for the same place he is on the path. The soldier won't let Hercules help him with the 2 sets of armor he is pulling along. He is taking his comrade's armor to his family. He feels he was a coward in battle and that's why his family dies.

A couple of centaurs, Deric and Craesus, and Deric's girlfriend, Lyla, practice shooting fruit hung from a tree in preparation for the games at the wedding they've been invited to. They discuss the novelty of being invited at all. Any winnings from the games go to the happy couple. They tell Lyla that she probably would've been a bridesmaid at Penelope's wedding if she wasn't hanging out with them. Nemis arrives and tells Lyla to fill the skin with wine and add a potion that will make Penelope, the bride, his right after he kills Hercules with his club.

Hercules runs into Salmoneus on the road as well. Salmoneus tells Hercules that now he's into real estate and wants Hercules to be his partner. He plans on selling the wedding couple some land.

The happy couple is very happy. Marcus is unhappy about her inviting the centaurs because Lyla is her closest friend and Craesus and Deric have been working for her father for years. They'll be fine as long as they stay away from the wine.

Hercules and Salmoneus arrive, Hercules is still not interested. Penelope greets Hercules and he's surprised to find that she is all grown up. She is the sister of another friend of Hercules', who died in the Siege of Corinth.

Craesus challenges Hercules to throw the javeline. Hercules wins of course. Salmoneus offers to be Salmoneus' agent. Hercules declines. Lyla offers to show him the best view in all of Nespa. She comes on to him. Hercules informs her that he doesn't want to go through life leaving a string of fatherless children behind him. She pours him some of the wine. They have a toast.

The wine appears to have no effect on Hercules at first. They kiss. He leaves and she pours her wine on a plant which promptly dies.

Hercules and Salmoneus walk around the area. Hercules asks Salmoneus if he looks like there is anything wrong with him. He doesn't feel right. There is something not right about his eyes.

Hercules watches Deric eat like a pig in front of a couple of women who don't think the centaurs should be there. Deric asks Hercules if he'd like to join them for dinner at their far table. Hercules accepts. It's been awhile since he has broken bread with a centaur. He was taught most of what he knows by a centaur named Ceridian. Deric and Hercules decide to see how well he was taught and shoot arrows at a target. Hercules has trouble seeing the target at first and then his vision clears and he scores a tie.

Hercules tells Salmoneus there is something wrong with his eyes. Salmoneus doesn't believe him. Lyla tells Deric that she gave him all the drink just as Nemis told her too. Nemis wants revenge on Hercules for killing his twin brother Nessus who tried to rape Hercules' wife.

Hercules asks Penelope about Lyla. She replies that they used to be best friends and that she had a crush on her brother before he died. Then, she became wilder and started to hang out with the centaurs.

Nemis arrives for the party. She implores Marcus to not make a scene.

Tyron, the soldier, arrives and tells the bridesmaid, Cheris, that he doesn't deserve her. That his friend died because of him. They were in the marsh at Thebes and were attacked by a larger force and he fell. Her brother turned to help him and before he could get revenge the call to retreat was sounded. So the brothers threaten to kill Tyron and Hercules defends him but during the battle his eyesight blurs again. The centaurs threaten to move in. Hercules tells Salmoneus that he can't see. He thinks he's going blind.

The centaurs arrive and start chasing guests and smashing things up and they run off with Penelope and Cheris. Salmoneus hollers for Hercules to look out just before Nemis swings the club. Hercules is knocked out.

They pour water on him and bring him around. Hercules tells Salmoneus he needs him to be his eyes. Marcus and Tyron lead them across the country.

The centaurs and Lyla take the two girls back to their layer and chain them up. After the centaurs leave Penelope asks how she can be a part of this. Lyla is bitter about not being asked to be part of the wedding party.

Hercules can barely see light from dark. Salmoneus tells him maybe he should hang up the sandals. The centaurs come out up the hill and start firing on them. Salmoneus gives him directions and helps aim his arrow. the centaurs release a boulder and it runs over Tyron who pushes Marcus (who's been shot) and Hercules out of the way. Tyron is dead. Hercules hit one of the centaurs and killed him, Craesus. Hercules plans to bury Tyron and then wait until dark. He sends the others back.

Deric arrives while Hercules is at the graveside. Deric refuses to do Nemis' dirty work. Lyla tells Hercules that the condition is temporary if he can live through the next few days. Deric and Lyla are planning on leaving and going to Athenia. They tell Hercules about the club and that he should hide until he can see. They leave.

Hercules sneaks toward the cave and throws a rock in the get Nemis' attention. Nemis almost shoots Salmoneus who has come back to help Hercules. who has snuck into the cave, Penelope and Cheris tell him where the key is. Nemis arrives as he is releasing Cheris. Cheris releases Penelope. Hercules goads Nemis into hitting the cave wall and damaging a supporting beam which threatens to bring the roof in. Charis looses the key and Penelope is still chained by one wrist. Hercules barely avoids several hits of the club. Hercules puts out the fire so there is no light. They fight over the club. Penelope tells Cheris to save herself as the ceiling begins to crumble.

Nemis falls to the ground he has been wounded by one of the spikes on the club. Hercules holds up the beam. Nemis joins him and tells him to help Penelope. They all run out except Nemis who dies in the cave in.

Salmoneus meets them outside. Hercules realizes that Salmoneus was the decoy. Hercules gives Tyron's sword to Cheris.

Hercules asks Salmoneus to show him the gambling winnings, then he explains that in these parts all winnings go to the bride and groom and hands the bag over. Hercules and Salmoneus walk off down the hill.

Disclaimer: No Centaurs were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

Pride Comes Before A Brawl

February 26, 1995

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Lisa Chappell, Karen Witter
Written By: Steve Roberts
Directed By: Peter Ellis

A woman runs from a monster and gets captured.

Hercules and Iolaus are on their way to Thrace to attend the games. They try to cross a bridge with some guys blocking it. Hercules wants to just go around but Iolaus decides to take them on. He shoots an arrow and misses the rope holding the bridge up and starts a fight. Hercules saves Iolaus and fights off all the bad guys. Iolaus' pride is injured because Hercules always has to save him when he can handle it.

The woman is dropped into a pit and discovers that the monsters are only men in costumes. She finds a hairy glove.

Hercules and Iolaus have a difference of opinion about a road sign and end up separating with a bet on who will get to Thrace first. Iolaus is obviously off the beaten path but he's determined to get to Thrace first.

Hercules finds a ferry and the man wants the boat to fill up before he takes it to Thrace. He tells him that the river has serpents and piranhas. He put the sign up because he wanted to protect the travelers from the satyrs the other way. The way Iolaus went. Hercules borrows the boat and heads up river.

Iolaus is captured and thrown into the same pit. The girl, Lydia, was coming to meet Hercules. Iolaus vows to rid the place of the satyrs.

Hercules is traveling in the boat and Nemesis arrives in his boat.

Iolaus and Lydia escape. He tells her that he knows Hercules. She doesn't believe him because no one would talk about their best friend the way Iolaus was. The satyrs bring dogs after him. Iolaus and Lydia hide in the mud.

Nemesis explains that she works for the Gods and delivers divine justice. She takes care of mortals who get too powerful or too arrogant. Hercules convinces her to make sure she gets deserving victims.

Iolaus and Lydia jump into the water to escape. She is attacked by a serpent and Iolaus kills it.

Nemesis admits she's here to kill Iolaus because of his pride. She is to set things up so the mortal brings on his retribution himself.

Iolaus and Lydia decide to take the offensive.

Hercules wants to know how Iolaus is to die and who ordered it. She tells him by an arrow and gives him the parchment that says Hera. Nemesis tells him that his help is the last thing Iolaus needs.

Iolaus and Lydia run into a cave where a hydra lives. Nemesis won't let Hercules interfere. She convinces him that Iolaus needs to know that he can do it himself without Hercules.

Lydia lights a fire in the cave and holds off the hydra so Iolaus can get around the pool. The bad guy comes in and Iolaus tells her to run to the entrance when the torch goes out. Iolaus holds off the bad guy and throws the torch into the water and runs out.

Hercules watches Iolaus and Lydia celebrate and then goes to Thrace and pretends to be asleep and not know anything about the goings on. Iolaus introduces Hercules.

Iolaus wants to shoot an arrow, blindfolded, at an apple on Hercules' head and Hercules lets him do it because Iolaus needs to know that Hercules trusts him with his life. A man, who was to shoot Iolaus with an arrow and is the chief satyr, is taken over by Nemesis and he/she shoots the apple. Iolaus shoots the rope holding a heavy object up and it hits the man.

Disclaimer: No Hydras were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

The March to Freedom

March 5, 1995

Guest Stars: Lucy Liu, Michael Hurst, Nathaniel Lees, Stig Eldred
Written By: Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Directed By: Harley Cokeliss

A group of refuges are led into a trap and taken as slaves. A young couple, Cyrus and Oi-Lan are separated in the slave market.

Hercules offers of help his mother and she sends him to the market with a load of grain to sell for no less than 400 dinars. On the way Hercules stops at his old homestead and visits the graves to his wife and children. He hadn't come back sooner because he was afraid that it would hurt too much.

Hercules runs into Iolaus in the market. Iolaus is in town to sell a pig named Penelope to the butcher but he can't do it. They go looking for a buyer for the grain and see the slave traders arrive. Hercules doesn't like it. They find a pretty young woman who wants to haggle over the grain but her unsightly mother appears to close the deal. Hercules ends up selling the grain for 200 dinars and declining the woman's proposition.

As they leave, Hercules and Iolaus hear the slave auction and Hercules enters. Iolaus ties the Penelope outside and follows. Cyrus is sold for 500 dinars to the man who buys for the Libyan animal games. Hercules decides to save the girl. the bidding goes over 200 dinars and he borrows another 200 from Iolaus who was planning to buy a new forge. Hercules bids 400 and gets the girl.

Hercules and Iolaus collect their purchase. Iolaus introduces himself and she flips him.

The slave trader decides to take the slaves to Libya himself and collect all the money rather than deal with the middle man.

Hercules frees her and she runs away.

The slaves are taken in a wagon and she follows. The men who tried to buy her attack her and Hercules arrives just in time to save her. Hercules offers to help. At first she refuses then allows him to help.

They camp at the bottom of a cliff in a cave out of the sudden storm. Io-Lan is a stubborn girl and acts like she doesn't want Hercules' help.

Cyrus escapes and goes back after Io-Lan and to kill Hercules.

Oi-Lan considers killing Hercules by stabbing him with a bone and he stops her.

The next morning Io-Lan finds Hercules bathing and rubbing his shoulder in a hot spring. She decides that she could use a bath as well and joins him. He's a little uncomfortable. She massages his shoulder and tells him she used to do this for Cyrus who was an acrobat in her father's palace. She tells him about her being banished because her mother was not his number one wife. Hercules understands. She tells him that Cyrus cured her loneliness and she hopes that Hercules has someone to cure his. He tells her that he used to.

Cyrus arrives at the tavern back in town and asks the unsightly woman about Hercules, she eventually tells him that Hercules is on the road to Libya with his new "woman". Cyrus tells them that if Hercules won't give him the woman he loves, he will kill him.

Io-Lan worries about Cyrus and Hercules comforts her with a hug. Cyrus sees it and vows to kill him. Cyrus continues to follow. Hercules tells Io-Lan that it's dangerous where they are but they will make it. She tells him that she trusts him. He never thought he'd hear that.

Cyrus leaps down from a tree and grabs Io-Lan and stows her safely in the tree while he returns to take on Hercules. He has laid a trap and Hercules is hit in the head by a huge tree trunk and thrown over a cliff. Io-Lan thinks he is dead and is upset with Cyrus who tells her that they cannot trust anyone. She tells him he is wrong. They move away from the cliff and are taken by the slavers again.

Hercules climbs back up the cliff. Belus, the slave trader, has the couple separated. Io-Lan in front of the chain and Cyrus at the back. Hercules sees the chain gang and follows. Attacking from the rear. He tells Cyrus that he owes him an apology and then releases him. They retrieve the keys and release the rest. Oi-Lan takes on several of them before Belus grabs her and holds a knife to her throat. Hercules and Cyrus head into the woods following Belus. Hercules motions to Cyrus to take to the trees. Cyrus jumps down behind Belus and the couple proceed to knock him out while Hercules watches.

Hercules stops Cyrus from killing him, he has a better idea. They sell Belus to the unsightly woman for 400 dinars.

Alcmene offers to let Cyrus and Oi-Lan have their wedding at her house. Hercules then takes them to his old homestead and gives it to them.

Hercules sits at his families graves and tells Deianeira about the new owners and how they will bring laughter and children back to these hills.

The Warrior Princess

March 12, 1995

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Lucy Lawless, Elizabeth Hawthorne
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: Bruce Seth Green

Hercules and Iolaus forge a knife which Hercules offers to Iolaus. Iolaus throws it at a piece of fruit and sticks it in a house. The new owner an old girlfriend, Syreena, comes out and tells Iolaus that she has just gotten married. Iolaus laments about another love lost.

Several men attack Xena who makes quick work of them. She tells them they are pathetic and will never defeat Hercules like this. They are evidently her own troops.

Hercules goes to visit his mother who tells him that she really doesn't need this wall he's building. Iolaus looks in on her. They stop for a picnic. She is concerned that Iolaus is lonely. She thinks he needs a woman in his life.

Xena pretends to have a lame horse and Iolaus stops to help her. She acts frightened.

Hercules goes to the tavern and sees Iolaus with Xena. He joins them. Xena introduces herself. Hercules suggests dinner and Xena thinks it's time to find a place to sleep and asks Iolaus to help her.

Hercules complains to his mother that he hasn't seen Iolaus in a week since he left the inn with a "big, dumb smile on his face." Hercules is concerned that Iolaus doesn't know anything about this girl. Alcmene counsels him not to worry without reason.

Xena tells Iolaus that he shouldn't fall in love with her. She is building an army to fight an evil warlord and really came to get Hercules. Iolaus wants to help her but she doesn't want him getting hurt.

Theodorus also visits Xena. She tells him to go kill Hercules and gives him her necklace.

Iolaus and Xena ride up to Hercules on horses and tell him that they are going to stop the warlord. Hercules offers to help and Xena tells him that Iolaus is all the help she needs. Iolaus tells Hercules that Xena is worth the risk.

Theodorus attacks Hercules in the barn and they fight. Theodorus is mortally wounded. Hercules finds Xena's necklace and realizes that Iolaus is the bait to lure him into a trap.

Iolaus and Xena discuss Hercules' motives for doing good. Xena tries to convince him that Hercules only acts for selfish interests. They ride out the woods and see a wagon. Xena tells Iolaus that it's part of Petrakis' forces. They fight them and Xena kills them while Iolaus lets one get away. Xena goes after him and Iolaus drops his knife in the process. Iolaus is impressed with Xena's fighting skills. Then they burn the wagon.

They arrive at Xena's camp. She introduces Iolaus

Hercules finds the wagon and Iolaus' knife.

Xena gives Iolaus a bath then, joins him in the tub. Xena tells him that her father and brothers were killed and battle and she won't be. They are interrupted by the arrival of Hercules. Xena suggests that maybe Hercules thinks Iolaus isn't man enough to help her.

Hercules confronts Iolaus about Xena's sneak attack upon him. Hercules' word isn't enough for Iolaus. Iolaus ends up punching Hercules who gives him back the knife they made together and leaves.

Hercules goes to the tavern for dinner. A man asks him if he's taken care of Xena for them yet. The villagers beg him to help them get rid of Xena. Hercules doesn't want to talk about it. He's going home. He meets Petrakis who turns out to be an old farmer. Petrakis offers Hercules a place to sleep for the night.

Iolaus sharpens his sword and tells Xena that it bothers him being on the opposite side as Hercules. Xena continues to twist the truth. Iolaus admits he's ended his friendship with Hercules. She tells him to come to bed after he's finished.

Xena tells another of her men to ride with her in the morning to bring Hercules back.

Petrakis puts flowers on his son's grave. He died in a war after falling into the same trap as Iolaus. He talks Hercules out of giving up.

Iolaus wakes to find that Xena has ridden off.

Hercules walks into a clearing where Xena and Estragon are waiting. Estragon approaches him and they fight. Hercules knocks him down but Xena kills him after he surrenders. Then, she makes a run for it.

She stops and dirties and bruises herself. She tells Iolaus that Hercules kills Estragon and tried to kill her. Iolaus is angry because he should have been there. Iolaus realizes that if Hercules comes for her he may have to kill him.

Hercules comes. Xena instructs her men that no one is to interfere with Hercules and Iolaus until Iolaus has died by Hercules' hand. Then, they will kill Hercules.

Hercules arrives. Iolaus meets him. Hercules tries to tell him that Xena is using him. They fight. Hercules keeps avoiding him. Hercules finally knocks him down. Iolaus pulls out his knife. Hercules asks if he is going to use it. Iolaus says no and that Hercules should kill him. Hercules says he won't. Xena orders her men to kill them both. They defeat Xena's men together. Xena runs for it. Hercules saves Iolaus instead of pursuing her.

Iolaus admits he was stupid and he should swear off women but he talks himself out of it.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

The Gladiator

March 19, 1995

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Ian Mune, Alison Bruce, Tony Todd
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: Garth Maxwell

Hercules and Iolaus rescue Felicita, a former slave who is trying to return to where he husband is still imprisoned to show him their son, from a group of men on the road. Felicita runs off with her wagon.

Gladius is helped to the arena by his cell mate Leutis. They have to fight animals and each other in an arena for sport ran by Maxius.

Gladius enters the arena and assures Leutis that he will be alright.

Hercules and Iolaus find Felicita changing a wheel on her wagon. She tells them about her husband, Gladius. Hercules offers to go with her and help.

Gladius survived the lion, Leutis tends his wounds. Leutis is worried about him. Gladius assures him that he is fine.

Iolaus is unsure of Hercules' plan. They see Maxius' toll collectors. Hercules sends Felicita back to the inn and they go to find her husband. They refuse to pay the toll and Hercules hits the guard. A fight insures and Hercules and Iolaus allow themselves to be taken to prison.

Hercules and Iolaus arrive at dinner time. Bellicus shoves Iolaus who protests and Bellicus socks Iolaus in the nose and kicks him into the cell. Hercules follows. He apologizes to Iolaus for getting them into this. He asks the men about Gladius. Gladius doesn't answer. They are told that it doesn't matter what you were jailed for, you don't get out except in a box.

They work in a quarry, moving rocks. Gladius doesn't have to work because he's a valued fighter in the arena. Bellicus snaps Iolaus' shoulder with a whip and tells them to get busy. Hercules tells him, "That's two."

Postera, Maxius' wife, is bored with the games. Maxius promises her he'll make it more interesting.

Hercules approaches Gladius and tells him he has word from his wife. Gladius refuses to speak with him.

Leutis tells Hercules to pick his fights carefully. They told Gladius that his wife died in childbirth to keep him there. Gladius offered to fight anything (2 mountain lions at the same time) and if he won he and Felicita would be set free. So Maxius told him she died.

Hercules is taken from the cell and they are all told that two men would be fighting in the pit today. Hercules refuses and Bellicus hits him over the head and knocks him out. Hercules is drug into the arena.

Spagos, the cook, watches the games through a window and tells the others what happens. Maxius announces that it is a fight to the death. Hercules tells the other fighter that they don't have to fight. Hercules defends himself but doesn't fight back. Hercules knocks out his opponent and refuses to kill the man.

Maxius orders his guards to kill him. Hercules catches the arrows in the air. Postera orders Hercules brought to her chambers and his shirt removed. She offers to make him her personal slave. He refuses and she orders him to be lashed and taken to the dungeon. On the way to the dungeon Bellicus tells them that the next two opponents will be Turkos and Gladius. Leutis agrees with Hercules.

Leutis knocks out Gladius. When Bellicus comes Leutis tells him that Gladius is ill from the stew and goes to fight in his place. Leutis refuses to kill and knocks out his opponent instead. They are both killed. Gladius is upset. They parade the bodies though the cell block and string them up. Hercules is returned to his cell and shoves Bellicus then, demands that the men receive a proper burial.

Iolaus wants to break out of prison. Hercules tells him that they have to remind the men imprisoned here what freedom is like. That it's worth fighting for.

Iolaus is removed from the cell. Gladius opens up to Hercules about Leutis. Hercules convinces Gladius that he's telling the truth about Felicita.

Bellicus comes and take Gladius and Hercules to the arena. Hercules tells him that they must fight Maxius and the people who are watching these games.

Iolaus and Felicita are brought tied to Maxius and Postera's box as bait to force Hercules and Gladius to fight. Postera explains that if they refuse to fight they will kill the hostages. If Gladius looses then Felicita goes back to her former life and his son will be raised to be her personal slave.

Gladius begins to fight Hercules and Hercules convinces him that he can't believe them. Gladius gets Hercules down but can't kill him. Instead he kills a guard and begins fighting the rest. Hercules joins him. Hercules gets the keys and throws them to Spagos who releases the rest of the prisoners. Iolaus gets free and fights the guards in the box. Maxius falls into the pit. The prisoners fight for their freedom. Iolaus jumps into the pit to help.

Hercules give Bellicus his just desserts. Hercules offers him a chance to surrender and Bellicus impales himself on Hercules' sword. Maxius and Postera make a run for it but Hercules and Gladius catch them.

Maxius is forced to issue a proclamation freeing the prisoners and making the games illegal and then goes into exile.

The Vanishing Dead

April 23, 1995

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Reb Brown, Erik Thomson, Amber-Jane, Raab,
Written By: Andrew Dettmann and Daniel Truly
Directed By: Bruce Campbell

A group of men are fighting on the battlefield. They fall and the victors run off. Something comes and takes the bodies. A family grieves for their lost son and brother. The mother doesn't want to believe because they cannot find the body. The ghost of Aelon comes to the door and begs his brother , Krytus to help him.

Hercules and Iolaus share a drink after helping an old warrior till his fields. Krytus runs up to them and tells them that he's just seen the ghost of his brother.

He explains about the missing bodies and They agree to return with him to his village to see what can be done. This all began three months earlier when King Memnos died. Hercules and Iolaus arrive at the castle and greet Daulin, the new king.

Daulin explains that his own sister, Poena wants the throne. She's convinces Jarton, an old comrade of Hercules', to lead her army. Daulin thinks that it's Poena's men who steal the bodies.

Hercules leaves Iolaus to keep an eye on Daulin while he goes to Poena's camp to see if he can talk sense into her. Hercules happens upon a couple of mercenaries who are trying to decide which side of the war to join. They haven't seen anything strange.

Hercules is taken to Jarton and Poena. Hercules offers his help. Poena tells him that Daulin murdered their father. Hercules discovers that Poena's dead are disappearing, too.

Krytus finds Iolaus and tells him that he wants to join up and avenge his brother's death. He want's Iolaus to teach him to fight. Iolaus tries to talk him out of it then agrees.

Hercules finds the site of a battle with no bodies. He also finds tracks of Graegus, dog of war.

Iolaus tries to teach Krytus. He still tries to talk Krytus out of fighting. Iolaus is called to King Daulin. Daulin confronts Iolaus about Hercules' where abouts. Iolaus defends him.

Daulin announces that he is through waiting for Poena to attack and decides to attack tonight. Iolaus sneaks off to warn Hercules. Krytus is taken into Daulin's army.

The two mercenaries decide to join Poena's army but chicken out when they see Jarton.

Hercules speaks to Poena privately. He tells her about Graegus and that Ares must be behind this war. Without proper burial the souls that Graegus takes cannot pass over to the other side.

The mercenary recognized Jarton as a man he killed in the last war. He is the walking dead and is working for Ares. The mercenaries are killed. Hercules tries to reach them but the bodies are already devoured by the time he arrives.

Jarton tells Hercules that now isn't the time to weaken the combatant's resolve. Hercules remarks that Jarton sounds like he wants this war to happen.

Iolaus meets a ghost in the woods while he is looking for Hercules.

Daulin's guard tells him Iolaus has now disappeared. Krytus defends him and tells Daulin that he's not a traitor. Iolaus is captured by Poena's troops and taken to their camp. Iolaus saw Jarton by the river. It was his ghost asking for help. Hercules asks Iolaus where he saw Jarton.

Jarton asks Iolaus where Hercules is. Iolaus doesn't say. Jarton says that he has found out something about where the bodies go and leads Iolaus off to show him.

Hercules finds Jarton's ghost. Jarton explains that Ares has stolen his body and that Ares set up the siblings to fight each other when Ares himself, killed Memnos.

Daulin prepares to attack Poena.

Hercules returns and goes after Jarton's body and Iolaus. Iolaus urges him to stay away. Iolaus is hanging from the ceiling and warns that it is a trap. Jarton arrives and Hercules reveals that he is really Ares.

Ares calls Graegus. Then, goes to stir up the battle. Hercules grabs a torch which he throws to Iolaus to burn himself free with.

Jarton goes to Poena and tells her that Hercules is a spy. She orders the call to battle sounded.

Hercules fights with Graegus.

The two armies converge.

Hercules and Iolaus throw ropes around Graegus' neck and capture him, then run off the stop the battle.

He runs out into the river but the armies don't stop until the ghosts of the dead appear. The real Jarton tells the truth. Ares creates a warrior out of Jarton's body to kill Hercules. Iolaus attacks it first and it zaps him. Hercules fights it and is knocked down several times. Hercules refuses to fight him because that is what Ares wants. The armies rally to his side.

They order the weapons to be thrown down. Graegus goes up in flames. Ares vows to return and leaves Jarton's body. The two armies rejoice.

They hold a funeral so that the lost souls may pass to the other side. Jarton's ghost thanks Hercules for his help. The others follow him including the two mercenaries.

Hercules causes a cave in so that the warriors are never disturbed again.

Disclaimer: No dogs of war were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

The Gauntlet

April 30, 1995

Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless, Robert Trebor, Matthew Chamberlain, Dean O'Gorman, Nathaniel Lees
Written By: Robert Bielak
Directed By: Jack Perez

Xena's men are holding a village hostage. One of her men wants to attack now since the villagers are not going to surrender before they have time to hide the women and children. Xena disagrees and gives them until morning.

Hercules is in a tavern and has just finished a "4 star meal". Hercules' cousin, Iloran, arrives (Dean O'Gorman) and tells Hercules that marauders have been attacking villages around the Parthian Province. His mother's village, Parthas will be right in their path. They leave the tavern.

Xena and her men attack the village. Xena sees Cretus kill a defenseless man and she doesn't approve.

Her men find a "woman" hiding in the grain that turns out to be Salmoneus who tries to talk his way out of being killed. He mentions Hercules and tells Xena that they are best friends.

Xena is amused by Salmoneus and takes him along. She leaves him in drag.

Hercules and his cousin find some dead men staked out on wheels. One of them wrote the Macedonian symbols for warrior and woman in his own blood before he died. There are many other dead over the hill.

Hercules talks to one of the grieving woman and thinks that this might be Xena's band.

Salmoneus tries to tell Xena that she needs publicity. Again she finds him mildly entertaining. So, she gives him some food.

Xena wants her men to be loyal not greedy. Darphus just wants to be greedy. He almost threatens Xena. Xena goes on a scouting mission and Darphus decides to attack before they lose the night. He orders every man, woman and child destroyed. No survivors. They attack.

Xena arrives when it's over. Darphus says he's left a message for those who would defy them. Xena calls him a butcher and threatens to punish him. They hear a baby crying. Xena rescues it and tells Darphus that she still leads this army.

Hercules and his cousin ambush one of Xena's men who points out the smoke from the most recent village. Hercules and his cousin explore it and see all the bodies. No one was left alive. Hercules swears that this won't happen again.

Salmoneus finds a shepherdess to help care for the baby. Salmoneus warns Xena about Darphus. Xena says she will deal with Darphus.

Hercules and his cousin bury the dead. They travel through the night to catch up to Xena.

Xena confronts Darphus. Darphus tries to take control over the army. The only way Xena will leave is through the gauntlet. She has to travel down a corridor of her men without armor and live to see the other end of the corridor. She is bloodied and beaten but survives to the end. Darphus orders his men to kill her. They refuse to cross that line. Xena is exiled.

Hercules' cousin is hit by an arrow. Hercules goes after the lone man who knocks him down with a rock hung from a tree. Hercules stops him from attacking with his spear. The man, Spiros, thinks that Hercules is one of the marauders who killed his wife and baby son. He saw Hercules looting the bodies in the village. Hercules explains that they were burying them. Hercules offers his sympathy. They go to check on Hercules' cousin.

Spiros blames himself for leaving. He drew the short straw and went for help. Hercules promises that they will find Xena and her army. Spiros offers to be their scout.

Salmoneus gets away and gets caught in a trap.

Xena arrives back at the cave where the baby and woman are. The woman tells her that one of her men, Deros, came and warned her that Hercules is on her trail.

Hercules and company find Salmoneus hanging upside down and release him. Salmoneus tells them that Xena's army is on the way to Parthas.

Darphus plans a trap for Hercules outside of Parthas.

Salmoneus tells Hercules that he doesn't think that Xena is as bad as he thinks she is. She allows people to surrender before massacring them. Salmoneus tells him that she's not near as bad as Darphus.

Xena grabs Spiro and holds a knife to his throat. Hercules approaches her and calls her a baby killer. Xena tries to take off his head with her chakram. If she can bring back the head of Hercules she can win back her army. She tells Hercules that Darphus was the one who killed the women and children.

Salmoneus thinks they should all be fighting Darphus, not each other. They fight. Hercules is the victor and invites her to go after her army with them. She declines.

Hercules tracks the army to it's base camp. They see the ambush meant for them and plan to get to Parthas before they do and even the odds. They take out the ambush and let the horses go.

They get to the village and evacuate the women and children and elderly. The rest cooked up some surprises for the oncoming army. Darphus' army attacks. Xena arrives in the middle and helps Hercules' side. Eventually Xena reaches Darphus and kills him.

Hercules thanks her for coming back. Salmoneus tells Spiro that Xena saved a baby in the village. It turns out to be Spiros' son. Salmoneus takes him to his son. Hercules' cousin bids farewell as well.

Hercules asks Xena what she plans now. She tells him she'd like to find out together.

The sword is removed from Darphus' body by Ares' emissary. Ares offers to give him his chance for revenge against Xena but he must kill Hercules first as payment. Ares gives him a beast to help him accomplish his task.

Unchained Hearts

May 7, 1995

Guest Stars: Michael Hurst, Robert Trebor, Lucy Lawless, Matthew Chamberlain
Written By: John Schulian
Directed By: Bruce Seth Green

Darphus' men attack a group of farmers. Darphus sends one farmer to get Hercules.

Salmoneus has decided to write Hercules' celebrity biography. He'll make the same 60/40 deal when he does Xena's bio. The farmer arrives and convinces them it really is Darphus. He showed him his scar. Xena plans to go to Elysia to stop Darphus. Hercules corrects her and says they will go. Salmoneus is going to watch.

Darphus locks up the farmers except one that is throws in the temple. Graegus is there and eats him.

Salmoneus lays out a picnic area and goes to catch quail for lunch. Xena goes off to scout and Hercules is left to do the cooking.

Salmoneus and Iolaus try to catch each other. Salmoneus tells Iolaus that he's Hercules best friend and biographer. Iolaus doesn't buy it. Salmoneus offers to lead Iolaus to Hercules. Salmoneus coaches Iolaus on how to act when he meets Hercules.

Iolaus has come to find Xena. Iolaus has heard that she's on the loose again. Salmoneus almost says something and Hercules chases him off to go catch lunch. Hercules explains that it's not Xena they have to worry about, it's Darphus. Iolaus says they can get them both.

Xena finds some of Darphus' men looting the bodies of a farm family. She attacks and beats them off telling them to tell Darphus she is coming for him.

Darphus feeds the messenger to Graegus for not being loyal to the men he left behind to warn him.

Hercules, Iolaus and Salmoneus eat their quail and Hercules still hasn't told Iolaus about Xena. She saves him the trouble by walking out of the bushes.

Hercules explains they are on the same side. Iolaus doesn't believe them and walks off. Hercules goes after him and gets Iolaus to listen to him.

Iolaus agrees to stay warning Hercules that they both better watch their backs.

The group travels through a narrow canyon. Darphus rains down rocks on them. Hercules supports a boulder while the others dig out. Salmoneus is too afraid to move.

Darphus drinks to Ares' victory.

Hercules sends Iolaus and Xena out and grabs Salmoneus and gets him out at the last second.

Salmoneus thinks that he is a coward. Hercules reminds him of when he helped Hercules fight the centaurs when he was blind. Iolaus refuses Xena's help with his head wound.

Iolaus goes to check the perimeter to get out of the camp for awhile. Hercules tells Xena that he can't go back to hating her. He sees the goodness in her heart.

Darphus plans to raid the diamond mine and give Ares the gems and feed the miners to Graegus.

Hercules and company get there first. The miners don't want to evacuate. Darphus arrives and a fight ensues. Xena saves Iolaus in the battle. Xena stabs Darphus again and this time it doesn't even phase him. Darphus orders a retreat when he sees that the battle isn't going his way.

Iolaus points out that Salmoneus is missing after the battle. Hercules finds Salmoneus' book.

Iolaus and Xena patch up the wounded. Iolaus asks Xena why she saved him. She replies that they are on the same side and that's the code she lives by and that she regretted what she did because she was filled with hate like Iolaus probably is now. Iolaus tells her that he doesn't hate her anymore. They shake on it as Hercules returns. Hercules reports that Salmoneus is headed toward Elysia.

Darphus tells his men that if they can kill Hercules and Xena their honor will be restored, fail and Graegus will eat well.

Salmoneus has hitched a lift with a peddler who is nearsighted.

Iolaus goes off to scout the area while Hercules and Xena make up camp. Xena's still not going to cook.

Salmoneus and the peddler end up in the middle of Darphus' camp.

Hercules and Xena discuss what it feels like to do good deeds. Xena wants to tell Hercules what she feels for him in case the battle doesn't go well. They kiss.

Iolaus sees Salmoneus and the peddler in Darphus' camp. Iolaus thinks he may be a traitor because he's eating with Darphus and seems to be having a good time.

Hercules and Xena share an intimate moment.

Iolaus returns to see the obvious afterglow and a slightly embarrassed Hercules.

Hercules doesn't believe that Salmoneus is a traitor. Iolaus also tells Hercules that Graegus is there.

Darphus wants Salmoneus to eat so he'll be nice and plump for Graegus to eat.

Hercules and Xena sneak into the camp while Iolaus is supposed to set up a diversion by burning a wagon they just commandeered from one of Darphus' men.

Darphus orders Salmoneus thrown in to Graegus. He is chained at the bottom of the stairs in the temple.

Iolaus has trouble getting the fire started. Finally, he gives up and just pushes the wagon into the middle of the camp hiding himself in the wagon under all the stuff on the downhill side of the hill. The fight begins. Hercules explains to Xena that Old Hunter's tricks don't always work.

Hercules runs into the temple and begins to fight Graegus. Xena and Darphus fight while Hercules holds off Graegus.

Xena and Darphus fight in the temple. Xena frees Salmoneus and he runs out. Hercules mussels Graegus with a cauldron. Then, he chains him to a column in the temple. Salmoneus helps Iolaus clean up the rest of the army outside.

Hercules and Xena set it up so that Graegus eats Darphus thus defeating himself.

Hercules returns Salmoneus' book. He is going to Athens to write the biography. He bids them farewell.

Iolaus says he's going home and asks Hercules if he wants to come along. Hercules wants to talk to Xena first.

They share a good bye kiss. Xena has to get started making amends for her life. She rides away.

Iolaus asks if he's alright. Hercules thinks so, they head out as well.

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