Stories by Carolyn Golledge

List of Story Codes and their meanings

Unidentified Falling Object
PG-13 for mild language, humor, Xover (Star Wars), action
While up in the mountains on a monster hunt, Hercules and Iolaus run into a strange visitor from another world.

Dem Bones
by Carolyn Golledge, Liz Sharpe, and Martha Wilson
humor, PG13
While on a fishing trip, Hercules, Iolaus and Jason run into a little problem with an unusual curse.

Mirror of the Soul
PG-13, drama
While defending a village from a marauding dragon, Hercules and Iolaus meet a stranger with a complicated problem. Rated PG13

Wrecked and Muddy
drama, adventure
While trying to get a grain shipment to some villages, Hercules and Iolaus run into trouble at sea

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