Stories by Members of the GoldApple Bard's List

List of Story Codes and their meanings

GoldApple Plays Rhyming Couplets
poem, misc
Members of the list wrote this poem as a spontaneous group round robin.Everyone was free to contribute one line at a time.

Round Robin
What might happen if Hercules somehow was transformed into a woman.

Halloween Party 2000
Net Persona, humor
What happens when the bards from Goldapple get together with our favorite Greek guys for a halloween masquerade party

Millennium Party
Net Persona, humor
It's New Year's Eve on the verge of a new Millennium and time has stopped, can the bards find Zeus and get time restarted before it's too late? Can it be too late when time has stopped?

Weekend at Salmoneus' Amusement Park
Net Persona, humor
Sal is taking care of a relative's amusement park business and he invites his favorite people over for the weekend.
Map of the Park

Virtual Survivor Game: the Story
Net Persona, humor
The list plays a rousing game of Survivor
Map of the island
Immunity challenge week 1
Immunity challenge week 2
Immunity challenge week 3
Immunity challenge week 4
Immunity challenge week 5
Immunity challenge week 6
Immunity challenge week 7

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