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Another Me by Ghared
Attica, episode related
This is an Orestes Story, set at the beginning of the events of the Second Season episode, 'King For A Day'.

Another Step by Ghared

episode related, Attica
This is a sequel to Another Me and takes place at the end of 'King For A Day'.

Rabbits by Ghared
episode related
This story takes place just after Unchained Heart and serves to clear up just one or two things that Hercules seems to have overlooked; Iolaus, for instance ...

Know Thyself by Ghared
episode related
A little sequel to the episode A Star To Guide Them, set around the same time as The Lady And The Dragon. Iolaus is having a hard time coping with being a child without a father who is always off fighting wars, in a world that celebrates the lives of heroes...

Bluestone by Ghared
net persona
This little story began as a bit of a birthday present for someone, but turned into something which clamoured to be shared. Ceryndip has a strange dream, which takes her on a journey toward a promise and a gift, entrusted to her by the Golden Hunter ...

The Nature of the Beast by Ghared
episode related
Set during Reunions, Iolaus is having a little tussel with his conscience ...

The Last Word by Ghared
preseries, episode related
A blend of irony and revenge, this story is my take on what happened to Iolaus' wife and son, from the movies. It is set mainly around the events of Hercules and the Circle of Fire, and ends just after the beginning of the series.

Greyhairs by Ghared
A short story set a few years down the road, when Hercules goes to visit Iolaus, married to Gabrielle for three years now, to find that he's not quite the man he used to be ...

Dusk by Ghared
AU, Jester
(A short story, set in the Stranger Universe, and set just after Stranger In A Strange World.) In the Alternate Universe, everyone is having a party to celebrate the departure of The Sovereign from their world. Everyone, that is, except The Sovereign's jester. He is unhappy for some reason and Ares, God of Love, decides to enlighten him ...

Teamwork by Maggie
rated *G*, challenge, enforcer3, drama, h/c
The story takes place some time after the 4th season episode, 'REUNIONS', but before the 5th season. Hercules falls victim to the Earth and Air enforcers, which Hera left to avenge her, should Hercules ever succeed in deposing or destroying her. Can Iolaus find and rescue him in time? Answer to the Library's October 2000 challenge.

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