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The Continuing Adventures of Ceryndip: Warrior Goddess
Story and Illustrations by GarySevn

Boy! what A Day: Prologue
Ceryndip and Jane visit Greece only to encounter a strange phenomenon that transports them back 3,000 years.

Boy! What A Day: Chapter One
Jane and Ceryndip visit Greece and somehow end up transported back in time to Ancient Greece when they run into a couple of legendary heroes.

Boy! What A Day: Chapter Two
Our four heroes head for a festival in Corinth and run headlong into Ares who wants our time traveling friends to go home for some reason. It's Amazon Electra to the rescue this time!

Boy! What A Day: Chapter Three
Jane arrives back from the future just in time to save Joxer who helps her find Hercules, Iolaus and Ceryndip. Ares' evil warlord is still trying to grab Ceryndip to stop her from reaching her destiny.

Boy! What A Day: Chapter Four
Ares seeks revenge. Ceryndip and Jane decide to visit the Oracle.

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