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List of Story Codes and their meanings

Fury's Fire
drama, h/c
Iolaus is accidentally covered in blood used in small quantities to prepare men for battle. Hercules has to keep his friend from going on a killing spree he'd regret the rest of his life.

Turnabout is Fair Play
Iolaus rescues a servant of Artemis and ends up on the receiving end of a botched spell the Goddess was casting toward the attacker.

Whose Death is it Anyway?

Hercules is plagued by dreams as he searches for a way to deal with Iolaus' death. A prequel to "Home is Where the Heart is" by Kimberley Rector and Martha Wells Wilson. PG13

King of Thieves

Hermes wants to pay Iolaus and Autolycus back for stealing his winged sandals, but the god's plan may get Iolaus in more trouble than he can handle. PG13


Only a month after returning from Egypt, Hercules and Iolaus receive a desperate plea for help from Persia, and face the possibility that they may make the same mistakes that led them to disaster in Sumeria all over again. This story follows "Home is Where the Heart is" by Kimberley Rector and Martha Wells Wilson and "Whose Death is it Anyway?" PG13

Mother of All Monsters Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Mother of All Monsters Challenge response.

Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention
challenge, YH
IWC How did Iolaus end up at the Academy challenge response. Iolaus is a street thief in Thebes who may have no future at all, unless Cheiron and Zeus intervene.

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