Oh Gods! Part 2

by E.

"Ding-Dong" Hercules grinned as he walked to the door. He opened it to find his best friend waiting with X*** and Gabrielle.

"Look who I found, Herc, two lovely ladies ready for an evening of . . entertainment." Iolaus smirked. X*** gave him THE LOOK and turned to Hercules.

"So, you've got a video about the four of us? I brought two cases of beer, what are we waiting for?"

This time Hercules managed to get the VCR running without Iolaus' help. The four friends opened a can of beer a piece, and settled down to watch the movie. Iolaus had the remote, and fast forwarded through the opening song. When the movie really started, so did the complaining.

"Who drew this, the animators from South Park?!, Next thing you know, Iolaus' ll be dead and one of us will say something stupid like, 'Oh my G**, you killed Iolaus! You Ba****d!" Gabby exclaimed, highly irritated.

"Calm down, Gabby, besides, they're making me out to be a lazy bum!" Iolaus stated.

"Well, Iolaus. . . " Herc started, but never got the chance to finish,

"Don't even go there!!!!" The Hunter warned his big friend.

"All right you two, let's just watch the movie." X*** cut in before an argument could break out. The foursome drank more beer and watched in relative silence, until the part came when Zeus "kidnapped" Alcmene.

"This is ridiculous, Zeus is a philanderer, even now, but he would never kidnap any woman. And if he had ever tried that with my mother, she would have slapped him upside the head." Hercules snorted. No one wanted to go flying into the wall or through a window, so not a word was said.

Finally, the movie reached the point where Hercules refused to help fight the Titans. Herc's face turned red with anger.

"As if I would EVER turn my back on my best friends and family! I wouldn't leave them as much as they drive me crazy, they're still my family." Hercules roared with rage.

"Herc, it's just some brain dead, desk sitting, coffee drinking, probably pot bellied executive's idea. We know you better, relax Big Guy." Iolaus tried to calm his best friend, and eventually Hercules did.

For a while, the only sounds other than the movie playing were the noises of beer being guzzled and the occasional belch. When the gods were turned into animals, the whole group started laughing hysterically, none howling harder of louder than Hercules. They had finally calmed down just in time to hear Ares talking in his "goat" voice. That set them all off again. Hercules nearly made a hole in the floor, from pounding it so hard. After their laughing fit had passed, the movie X*** started to sing.

"Oh that is NOT me, I don't sing" X*** griped in drunken indignation.

"Yeah, right, I've heard you sing, like that time in Carthage*" Gabby giggled, receiving a slightly inebriated version of THE LOOK. Nothing more was said, and the room was again quiet until the Titans started to sing. All four groaned simultaneously and four hand reached for the remote. Iolaus' hand found it first, and he hit fast forward. Four sighs of relief. When the singing was over, Iolaus hit the play button.

It was peaceful, until a major crisis came up. 1 can of beef, 4 people wanting it. The Hunter reached it first, and Herc and Gabby were to sloshed to do anything but flop down on their chosen spots. X*** was not so easily deterred from "her" beer. She grabbed her whip and before you could say, 'Gimme' the beer was in her hand. She shot Iolaus a totally plastered LOOK. That was enough to stop Iolaus in his tracks and he plopped down on the recliner. With in an hour, that last can was gone, and all four had passed out cold.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be around when they wake up Can you say "Hangover" boys and girls? I knew you could.


Who knows, I don't'

*Carthage. has nothing to do with main story, just needed to borrow that name for the purpose of the singing part.

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