Oh Gods!

by E

Hercules had invited Iolaus over for a night of entertainment. Herc had just bought the Disney movie about him. He hadn't seen it yet and was looking forward to it. He had no idea the memories that would be stirred up, or what Disney had gotten wrong. "Hey, Herc, lookin' good" Iolaus' ever cheerful voice broke through Herc's reverie.

"Not bad yourself, for someone your age, Iolaus." Hercules smirked, "So, you ready to watch this, I've got an ice cold six pack of beer."

"Sounds great, Herc!" Iolaus flopped down on a couch.

"Now, if I can just remember how these things work." Hercules muttered

"You still can't work a VCR, Herc, here give me that." Iolaus grinned. The T.V. was turned on, and the movie started.

"We are the muses. . . . . ."

"What?! The muses look nothing like that!" Hercules exclaimed in shock. Unfortunately, there were worse surprises in store for him.

The movie continued until the scene where Hera and Zeus were fawning over their child.

"WHAT IN TARTARUS!!!!!!!! Hera was not my mother, I was not born a God! Don't they know any basic greek mythology? Oh and Hades-evil, Ares-nice? What the *&^#* is wrong with those morons?!" Hercules raged.

"Come on, Herc, calm down. It's just a movie to them. Besides, haven't you ever seen a Disney movie before? They always mess up some or all of the facts. Anastasia, Hunchback, Pocahauntis, I could go on all night!" Iolaus tried to calm his irate friend.

"You're right, we might as well see what else they screwed up." Hercules sat back down. The two men relaxed and watched the rest of the movie in silence. Iolaus snickered a few times, but didn't remark. When the movie was over, Hercules, still pretty irritated commentated,

"Well, let's see, Hera my mother, eughh, Hades trying to take over Olympus, "Philatetes?" where did they come up with that? Pegasus belonged to Perseus, my half-brother. And I was never THAT clumsy as a kid! I never even met Ampitryon."

"Don't forget, they left me out entirely." Iolaus grinned, "But as I recall, you were pretty clumsy. I helped with the Hydra too, and they left out Iphicles and Jason too." Suddenly Iolaus began to laugh.

"What's so funny, Iolaus?" Herc glared at his best friend.

"Can't you imagine the look on Hera's face, if she saw this? We should send her a copy in Tartarus. She'd just die, die get it" Iolaus cackled loudly. A grin came to Hercules' face as he pictured her reaction. He rewound the video.

"HERMES" Hercules called.

"What can I do for you, Hercules?" The winged messenger asked.

"Take this video to Hera in Tartarus. Tell her it's compliments of her ever-loving stepson Hercules and Iolaus. Have Hades make her watch it" Hercules instructed with a wicked grin.

The two friends laughed as Hermes vanished. Iolaus headed for the door when Hercules queried "Hey, I hear there's a Universal Video about you, me, Gabrielle and X***, let's watch it with them."

"Sure, Herc, same time, next week?"

"Sounds great buddy. See ya then" Hercules replied.

Until next week?

The End?

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