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List of Story Codes and their meanings

Scars of the Past
YH, drama, PG-13 due to descriptions of violence and child abuse.
A story telling of Iolaus' childhood and the abuse he overcame with the help of a friend

The Lesson
A tale of how Iolaus learned to swim.

The Princess Bard
Xover (Xena & The Princess Bride), humor, G
A cross over rewrite of The Princess Bride using characters from Hercules and Xena.

Oh Gods!
Xover (Disney Hercules), humor; G
A modern day Hercules and Iolaus sit down to watch the Disney Hercules film.

Oh Gods! Part 2
Xover (Xena), humor, PG due to description of main characters getting drunk
This time around Hercules and Iolaus share the Animated Movie with the modern day Xena and Gabrielle.

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