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The Methos Chronicles: First Excerpt: "Protect and Survive"
by Keith DeCandido, PG-13, Xover (Highlander), drama, AU
Iolaus learns, much to his surprise, that he is an Immortal -- and that the warlords known as the Four Horsemen are Immortals, also...

The Methos Chronicles: Second Excerpt: "Red Right Hand"
by Marina Frants, PG-13, Xover (Highlander), drama, AU, violence
Methos wants out of the Horsemen -- but the opportunity to leave without incurring Kronos' wrath doesn't present itself. At least not until the Horsemen encounter Xena, the Warrior Princess, and a plan begins to form...

The Methos Chronicles: Third Excerpt "Cold Wind to Valhalla"
by Keith DeCandido, Xover (Highlander), drama, AU, PG-13
Iolaus re-encounters Methos in Rome in 35 BCE -- and then the pair of them are given the chance to be reunited with Hercules, whom he hasn't seen in centuries.

First Iolaus Sidebar "Life and Death"
by Keith DeCandido, G, Xover (Highlander), drama, AU
Iolaus returns to Greece for the first time in decades in order to be at Gabrielle's deathbed -- and encounters aI red-headed Immortal woman named Rebecca among the Amazons.

Second Iolaus Sidebar "Old Hunter's Tricks"
by Marina Frants, Xover (Highlander), drama, AU, R, Language
Richie Ryan has started travelling. He encounters an Immortal named Joel Hunter -- who used to call himself Iolaus -- and both of them are targeted by a group of renegade Watchers.

Fourth Excerpt: "Occasional Demons" Chapters 1-3

by Keith DeCandido, in progress
The beginning of the latest chronicle. Richie brings his new friend "Joel Hunter" back home to be reunited with "Adam Pierson," and to meet Duncan MacLeod and Joe Dawson. The reunion is a fun one at first. But the breaking of a thousand-year-old promise may have devastating consequences for both Iolaus and Methos. Also featuring Kronos (the HL episodes "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelation 6.9") and Amanda.

The Sword and the Serpent
by Marina Frants
Marina's Ares-centric idea (but also featuring Xena, Iolaus, Gabrielle, and Hercules) for how the Dahak storyline that ran through both Herc and Xena should have ended. (Obviously, this story was superseded by the Xena two-part episode "Sacrifice" and subsequent episodes of both shows, particularly the fifth season of Herc, but we don't care.)

Serpent's Shadow
by Marina Frants
The sequel to "The Sword and the Serpent," as Ares recovers from his brutal injuries at the hands of Dahak and tries to go back to his normal life as the god of war. Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to go back to business as usual. (Also featuring Iolaus, Xena, and Gabrielle.)

Imaginary Friend
by Marina Frants, YH
A tale of Hercules's half-brothers, as a seven-year-old Iphicles encounters Ares, and the boy and the god of war form a surprising (to Ares as much as anyone) friendship.

The Unforgiving Minute
by Marina Frants
A meeting between the young King Jason of Corinth and the young Iphicles.

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