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List of Story Codes and their meanings

Brothers of the Heart
drama, h/c
Hercules and Iolaus return to Thebes for a well deserved rest but Iolaus is injured in an altercation in the tavern. Hercules blames himself and Iolaus decides that he's not going to put his friend through anymore of this.

Deadly Encounters
Hercules and Iolaus take a vacation which is interrupted by a call for help. A village is being menaced by an evil warlord who after he is defeated vows to take his revenge on Hercules' entire family.

Epilogue to Long Live the King
episode related, drama
Returning to Hercules' home, Iolaus eventually has to tell his friend what's happened.

Dreams of Friendship
drama, YH
Hercules dreams of meeting Iolaus as a boy before he moved to Thebes and how he befriended the youth and made his transition to a new home a little easier.

Epilogue to "Only Sorrows, Only Truths"
Co-written with Moon, R, episode related, h/c, drama
WARNING: This story contains material that may be unsuitable for young readers. This continues the story that the H:tLJ episode Gladiator began. Hercules and Iolaus must learn to live again, and deal with the painful truth. Will Hercules see his friend's pain before it is too late? Continuation of Only Sorrows, Only Truths by Cobber

Prometheus - Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, h/c
IWC Prometheus Challenge response.

Surprise Reprise
challenge, episode related
IWC Surprise Challenge response

Encounter Missing Scenes
challenge episode related, h/c
IWC Surprise Challenge response.

Maze of the Minotaur Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related,
IWC Maze of the Minotaur Challenge response.

The Warrior and the King
challenge, drama
IWC What if Orestes had to take Iolaus' place challenge response.

Eyes of a Child
drama, h/c
Iolaus is injured by villagers he was helping to save and Hercules must face the possibility that Iolaus may never be able to travel with him again.

Hercules' Sorrow
drama, h/c
*Waring this story may contain content that is unsuitable for young readers* Hercules' view of events from Cobber's "Only Sorrow's Only Truths" and Moon and DreamCatcher's Epilogue to "Only Sorrow's Only Truths".

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