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Story challenges are posted on the first of the month. All challenges are open to any bard to answer. There is no deadline, any challenge may be answered at any time.

Authors, after you post your story on the web please email Ceryndip with the title, url and a short story description including which challenge is being answered so that it may be included here at the library. For more infomation see the Submission Guidelines

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Fairy Tale
Search Code: fairy tale
Way back when Ceallach maintained her own webpage she was collecting stories based on fairy tales. Those stories are now located in the Library and may be accessed by running a search for fairy tales and looking up the various authors that come up.

April 2000 - AtoZ Story [atoz]
Write a story inwhich each paragraph begins with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending with Z.

May 2000 - List Challenge [list1]
Write a story (may be Hercules or Young Hercules) including the following items in the story (You may use the items in any way you wish as long as they are in the story somewhere.)
1. Temple at Delphi
2. Charon's Boat
3. mud
4. a melon
5. Typhon and Echidna
6. a living pig
7. a noose
8. a waterfall
9. ale soaked honey cakes
10. Joxer's hat or a night vision tiara

June 2000 - Damsel in Distress Challenge (damsel)
Iolaus has to rescue the damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

July 2000 - First sentence (first1)
Write a story which begins with the following sentence, "The darkness was impenetrable, it surrounded and suffocated him." Then you may proceed in any direction you wish.

August 2000 - Heedless Hearts backstory
Library search code: ep1
Submitted by Ayelet
In the episode, Heedless Hearts while in the jail, Iolaus discusses the merits of using the same method to escape that they used in jail in Thessaly. Hercules replies, "Are you sure you want to try that again?" Your challenge is to write the incident that happened in Thessaly?

September 2000 Cast A Giant Shadow Missing Scenes
Library search code: ep2
Submitted by Owlharp
In "Cast A Giant Shadow", we see Iolaus run into the village all mud-covered with the busted arm, etc. and Herc saying - after they fight the bad guys - 'I'll have to take a look at that arm'. Then, later in the episode, we see Iolaus mooning over Brianna and saying that she's made him feel great over the last few days, and it's clear that Things Have Been Happening between him and her. So the challenge is to write the missing scene or scenes showing just what Brianna has been doing for Iolaus, etc. There are great possibilities for romance and h/c, not to mention an obligatory bath scene - you gotta get that mud off him somehow!

October 2000 Enforcer 3 challenge
Library search code enforcer3
submitted by Teresa
We've seen two of Hera's Enforcers, and so far the score is Enforcers 2, Iolaus 0. Hera should have two Enforcers left - an Earth Enforcer and an Air Enforcer. Write the story of that adventure. This time consider having Iolaus rescue Hercules. Bonus points for Iolaus using one or more Old Hunter's Tricks.

November 2000 Restoring the balance challenge
Library search code 11-2000
submitted by Ziggy
Ares started out as a seriously bad and powerful god yet it often seems extremely easy for a mere demigod to defeat him. Even to the point of the big bad God of War looking like a common comic book villian. Write a story in which Ares defeats Hercules, not kills him, just punches his lights out or something along that line. How would Hercules react to it happening and what's Iolaus' role in all this?

December 2000 Holiday challenge
Library search code 12-2000
submitted by the Library committee
Write a story with the title "I"ll Be Home for Solstice"
1. Must include the following items:
a solstice carol written by Iolaus
the colors red and green
jingle bells
2. Must also include the following phrases somewhere in the dialogue:
"You never give me flowers."
"My Grandma got ran over by a chariot"
"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"
"A bowl full of jelly"
"Do you hear what I hear?"

January 2001 Gladiator Missing Scene
Library search code 1-2001
submitted by the Library Committee
What happened between Iolaus getting his nose broke then drop kicked into the cell and the next scene where Iolaus is sitting on the table holding a cloth to his nose. For some time now folks have fussed about why Hercules didn't rush to his side or his defense as it was happening. Add scenes to explain or rewrite that segment of the episode.

February 2001 Highway to Hades epilogue
library search code: 2-2001
Submitted by Ziggy
At the end of "Highway to Hades", Timeron borrows Herc's body so he can have his wedding night with Daphne and Herc is left temporarily as a spirit. How does he spend his 24 hours as a noncorporeal being? How does he communicate with Iolaus or does he? What if Iolaus gets into trouble and Herc is so upset he can't concentrate enough to make things move? Maybe Herc's being a spirit comes in handy in helping Iolaus out of said situation? Write the story.

March 2001- Young Hercules list challenge
library search code: 3-2001
Submitted by the library committee
Write a Young Hercules story including the following items. You need not have seen the Fox series to answer this challenge. Simply set your story back when Herc and Iolaus were kids (of any age) and write from there. Several of us were writing Young Hercules stories long before they ever started filming that series. If you want to set your story in the Young Hercules series timeframe, feel free, but you don't have to. Remember, these items merely have to appear in the story, each of these items does not have to be a pivotal plot point.

1. fishing
2. Herc's gauntlets
3. Herc or Iolaus owie (you decide the extent of the injury)
4. skinny dipping
5. green apples
6. a net
7. a squid (you decide how big)
8. rain
9. a bandit attack
10. a catapult

April 2001 first line challenge
search code: 4-2001
submitted by Amorette
Write a story beginning with the line: "Iolaus knew that this time, he had pushed Hercules too far."

May 2001 - Missing Scene from Judgement Day
search code: 5-2001
submitted by Library Committee
Write a story explaining what happened between Xena, Gabrielle and Iolaus finding Hercules missing from the cave and Xena's plan being put into action in the town in "Judgement Day"

June 2001- A difference of opinion challenge
search code: 6-2001
submitted by: Melinda
Write a story that puts Hercules and Iolaus on opposite sides with an honest difference of opinion without any instigation by the gods or amnesia or drugs.

July 2001 - List challenge
search code: 7-2001
submitted by: Library committee
Write a story including the following things:
scroll from "The Pen is Mighter" (this is the scroll that whatever you write on it happens literally....)
the phrase: "It's not my fault"
a woman scorned
a sandstorm or hailstorm
the color fushia

August 2001 - War orphans
search code: 8-2001
submitted by: Library committee
Write a story inwhich Hercules and Iolaus encounter a situation where they find widows and orphans and discover that they were the cause of the loss of the husbands and fathers.

September 2001 - Limited First Line
search code: 9-2001
submitted by: The library committee
Write a story in 500 words or less that begins, "It was a dark and stormy night."

October 2001 - Young Hercules list story
search code: 10-2001
submitted by: Library committee
Write a Young Hercules story entiled, "Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My!" that includes the following:
the phrase, "trick or treat"
a dagger
a sheet
a broken limb
a black cat
character(s) in costume
an outhouse
full moon
jell-o or it's greek equivalent
the phrase, "Welcome to my nightmare"

November Story Challenge: Motherhood challenge
search code: 11-2001
Submitted by: the mischievious minds of the library committee
Write a story inwhich a male character has to deal with some aspect of impending motherhood (not parenthood, motherhood)

December Story Challenge: Holiday story
search code: 12-2001
Submitted by: The library committee
Write a holiday story which begins: "This is the stupidest thing I've ever done."

January Story Challenge:
search code: 1-2002
Submitted by: the library committee from an idea from WildKat
Write a story which ends, "The ship rocked and a voice moaned theatrically from the rail."

February 2002 - Missing Scene As Darkness Falls
Search Code: 2-2002
submitted by: several individuals
In "As Darkness Falls" Hercules is blinded by Lyla and the blindness while temporary is supposed to last several days. At the end of the episode Hercules walks off with his arm around Salmoneus' shoulder presumably to attend the now delayed wedding. The next episode is "Pride Comes Before A Brawl". Your mission is to write the story of the next few days including meeting up with Iolaus.

March 2002 - Young Hercules
Search Code: 3-2002
submitted by: Kristin Q with alterations by the library committee
Write a Young Hercules story in which Hercules has to deal with being in Iolaus' shadow for a change. How will Hercules react to Iolaus getting all the glory and credit?

April 2002 - a good old fashioned h/c challenge
Search code: 4-2002
submitted by: library committee
Write a story including the following things:
the line" I'm sorry, there's nothing more I can do. It's up to the gods now."

May 2002 - class lesson challenge
search code: 5-2002
submitted by: jfgtesar
Our heroes (hercules, Iolaus or Iolaus2) are asked by Jason to do a guest lecture at the Academy (either together or separately). Write the story, the lecture or the lesson plan. (Sample topics might be things like: Monsters I have Known; How not to get lost; Rock-Fishing for Dummies; What Friends are for; 101 Things You Can Do With A Dead Rabbit; Hook, Line and Sinker: a guide to...)

June 2002 - King of Thieves additional scenes
search code: 6-2002
submitted by: various individuals
Add scenes to the episode "King of Thieves". You may either add additional components to the Erebus Test or add an epilogue to the story or both or neither and do something completely different, whatever strikes your fancy.

July 2002 - first or last line
search code: 7-2002
submitted by: Library committee
Write a story with the following as either the first or the last line: "The mud was wet, sticky and cold."

August 2002 - List challenge
search code: 8-2002
submitted by: Library committee
Write a story including the following items:
goathead stickers or tumbleweeds
sand mantas ("Mercenary" or "War Wounds")
lemonade stand
chariot race
bubble bath
Egyptian waving palm fronds
dung beetle

Sept 2002 - Settings
search code: 9-2002
submitted by: Pythia
Describe the same place three times from three different points of view. Such as - Salmoneus trhing to sell it as real estate, Ares planning a campaign aroundit, and Hercules memory of being there. (Short descriptions only! If this inspires a story post it after the challenge is over)

Oct 2002 - List challenge
search code: 10-2002
submitted by: library committee
Write a hurt/comfort story which includes the following:
1. Drum
2. a soft blanket
3. a trip to the healers
4. haggis

Nov 2002 - Facts of life challenge
search code: 11-2002
submitted by: Amorette
Write a story in which Iolaus has to explain the "facts of life" to someone. How the phrase "facts of life" is interpreted is up to the author.

Dec 2002 - Holiday Filk
search code: 12-2002
submitted by: the Library Committee
A filk song is one in which new lyrics are written for an existing tune. Your mission is to rewrite a Christmas or Holiday song with new Herculean lyrics.

January 2003 - Characters
search code: 1-2003
Submitted by: Pythia
Write a short description (500 words or less)summarising a character, but as seen from another specific person's point of view - eg: Alcmene by Iolaus, Jason by Chiron, Hercules by Ares, Falafel by Salmoneous, Iolaus by Xena (that would be interesting ...) and so on.

February 2003 - Fish falling from the sky
search code: 2-2003
Submitted by:
Write a story that includes the following lines: Hercules got up and headed across the field towards the lake. "Iolaus," he said as he passed him, "why are there fish falling out of the sky?"

March 2003 - List challenge
search code: 3-2003
Submitted by: Amorette
Write a story that includes:
a very small dog
a very large amphora
a length of brightly colored ribbon
a bouquet of flowers
and a soggy pair of leather pants.

April 2003 - Young Hercules story
Search Code: 4-2003
Submitted by: MaryE
Write the story of how Young Hercules found out he was the son of Zeus. (Who told him and under what circumstances.)

May 2003: First line
search code: 5-2003
Submitted by: Ceryndip
Write a story beginning with the line of dialogue:

"Assuming we do get out of here, what are we going to do?"

June 2003: no challenge
We're taking the month off.

July 2003: List
search code: 6-2003
Submitted by: MaryE
Write a storycontaining at least 6 of the following elements:
dusty scrolls
a ladder
helmet of invisibility
a basket of eggs
a long blond wig
the sentence, "Sorry, it keeps getting in the way."
a Phoenician urn
stuffed grape leaves

August 2003: 500 word
search code: 7-2003
submitted by:Mari
Write a story in 500 words or less in which Hercules and Iolaus meet a big, green turtle who is talking and walking on two legs.

September 2003: point of view
search code: 9-2003
submitted by: Nicole
Write a story from the point of view of an "extra" who's life is directly or indirectly impacted by one of our heroes. It can be anyone from a villian's lacky to someone rescued in a hostage situation to a barmaid or the owner of an inn where Hercules and Iolaus got in a fight.

October 2003: holiday
search code: 10-2003
submitted by: Library committee
Write a story about a place at Cheiron's Academy where the students were not allowed to go. No one on staff will speak of it. Why? May be written as a Young Hercules story or with the characters as adults reminising about the events surrounding this mysterious place.

November 2003: h/c with a twist
search code: 11-2003
submitted by: library committee
Write a hurt/comfort story where the the ill/injured individual can NOT be Iolaus or Hercules.

December 2003: It's a Wonderful challenge
search code: 12-2003
submitted by: library committee
Assuming that everyone has seen the film, "It's a Wonderful Life", write the Hercules style version of that film. Or write a story in which one of our characters realizes what a wonderful life they have even if things didn't turn out exactly as planned.

Note: Beginning in Jan 2004 the story challenges will be issued bi-monthly to allow the RLJ writers more time to work on their episodes.

January 2004: 8th wonder of ancient world
search code: 1-2004
submitted by: MaryE
We all know about the 7 wonders of the ancient world. there have been rumours about an 8th wonder but no one has been able to come up with much about it...except for you, the writer. The challnege is to write a story about this th wonder of the ancient world. Make it whatever your imagination can come up with. What was it? What happened to it? did Auto try to steal it? How does it involve our beloved characters?

March 2004: body swap
search code: 3-2004
submitted by: jfgtesar
A Three-way body swap. Interpret that any way you wish as long as 3 characters are involved.

May 2004: menu challenge
search code: 5-2004
submitted by: committee
If Falafel ran an IHOP (or the Greek equivalent thereof) what would he serve in 500 words or less?

July 2004: list challenge
search code: 7-2004
submitted by: committee
Write a story including the following items:
a golden apple
a screaming child
burned breakfast
a line
interpretive dance

Sept 2004: Young Herc
search code: 9-2004
submitted by: committee
Kora is putting on a talent show to benefit widows and orphans. The guys from Cheiron's Academy decide to participate. Write the story.

Nov 2004: title challenge
search code 11-2004
submitted by: committee
Write a story with the title, "That's What Friends are For".

Story challenge: list
search code 1-2005
submitted by: committee
Write a story including the following items:
singing under a bridge
a boil on a tush
Aphrodite's shell
emergency exit only
"I have a dream"
"Does your water smell funny?"

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