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While traveling through the mountains of Greece, Iolaus falls ill and Hercules has to get his friend home before the storm breaks.

Iolaus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
humor, h/c
Ever had one of those days when nothing goes right?

A Solstice Visitation
poem, holiday
Hercules wakes to find an unusual intruder in the castle. Illustration by GarySevn.

A Solstice Visitation II
poem, holiday
A sequel to last year's holiday poem. This year Iolaus witnesses the mysterious do gooder.

A Solstice Visitation III
poem, holiday
Jason discovers what blessings he's been given.

h/c, drama
The ship that Hercules and Iolaus are traveling on is destroyed in a storm. They are forced to try and survive on a tiny raft lost at sea.

A Fishing Holiday
Iolaus spends a quiet day at the fishing hole.

Returning Home
Several months after Alcmene's death Iolaus and Hercules discover that home can still be home even without Hercules' mother.

Armageddon Now Extended Ending
episode related, drama
After Hercules and Iolaus leave Ares Temple they decide to return home.

Nothing is Impossible to Someone Impervious to Reason
A poem about Iolaus' persistence.

Colds Are Catching
humor, h/c
Iolaus catches a terrible cold the day before the big festival opens and ends up passing it on to a very deserving recipient.

A Walk on the Spirit Plane
drama, h/c
While unconscious Iolaus is visited by a disturbing presence. But is it a guardian angel or something else?

A Siren's Enchantment
yh, drama, arc
Iolaus falls head over heels in love with a girl that's half fish and Hercules doesn't believe him.

A Siren's Tears
drama, arc
Lamia is punished by Hera for disobeying. Hercules and Iolaus try to help her by setting her free, even though they know that will bring Hera's wrath down on them.

Daddy's Day Out
pre-series, drama, arc
Iolaus struggles with single fatherhood after his wife dies in childbirth. He manages to cope with a little help from his friends.

And A Child Shall Lead Him Home
pre-series, drama, arc
Hercules and his family are repeatedly harassed by Hera. Hercules fears if he can't stop her someone he loves will be hurt or worse but how far is he willing to go the make a deal?

The Loss
pre-series, drama, arc
A terrible sickness is spreading around Thebes. How will Iolaus find the courage to go on if this illness takes the only family he has left?

The Princes and the Peace
fairy tale challenge, Attica
Iolaus and Orestes arrive at the castle unconscious and no one can tell them apart, not even Queen Niobi. A neighboring King has arrived to sign a peace treaty with Orestes. How will they tell which is the real King of Attica in time?

The Once and Future King
drama, arc, Attica
Iolaus doesn't turn up at a scheduled meeting. Hercules tracks him to Attica, only Iolaus doesn't remember who he is and Niobi has convinced him that he is King Orestes.

Born to Be King
drama, arc, Attica
Iolaus discovers that Niobi has had his child and the world believes that the princeling is Orestes' heir. Iolaus travels to Attica to confront Niobi and to meet his son.

The One That Got Away
yh, drama
A peaceful fishing trip is interrupted by a life threatening situation.

Little Boys Shouldn't Carry Frogs in Their Pockets
yh, humor
A very young Iolaus tries to get a little revenge against some girls who were teasing him about his height.

Spider's Snails and Puppy Dog Tales
yh, humor
Young Iolaus finds a tarantula and decides to play a few tricks on Alcmene. Only the final trick may be on him.

What A Way To Spend A Vacation
yh, h/c
Cheiron releases the cadets for a few days off. Hercules and Iolaus thought they had their "fishing" vacation all planned. Too bad they never made to the lake...

The Heart of A Hero
yh, h/c
Iolaus becomes ill while at Cheiron's Academy and Ares plans to kill the cadets.

The Hunt
poem, humor
A limerick epic in which our intrepid hunter runs into more than he bargained for while out looking for his dinner.

Evil Dreams
AU, drama
A modern day Hercules wakes up after having a terrible dream caused by watching an Evil Dead movie marathon and decides it's time to visit an old friend.

Back to Back
episode related, drama
A rewritten ending to the episode "Redemption", resolving the events began in "Faith."

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
challenge, episode related, drama
Explains what happened to Iolaus between the torture scene and his reappearance as one of Kameraus' followers in "Lost City".

Maze of the Minotaur Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, drama
Explains what happened to Iolaus in Maze of the Minotaur between his disappearance down the hole and Hercules pulling him from the cocoon.

Hero's Heart Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, drama
Answers why Iolaus remains loyal to Zeno in "Hero's Heart"

Enforcer Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, h/c
Additions to the barn scenes in "Enforcer".

Armageddon Now Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, drama, AU
add scenes to "Armageddon Now" so that Iolaus can meet his counterpart who grew up without Hercules' influence.

Mother of All Monster's Epilogue
challenge, episode related, h/c
Extended ending for "Mother of All Monsters".

Everything Seams Fine
challenge, episode related, humor
Explains why Iolaus is not wearing his pants as he and Hercules travel to Alturia in "Maze of the Minotaur".

Wrong Path Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related, drama
Iolaus' reaction to the death of Hercules' family in "The Wrong Path"

Iolaus' Mighty Fish Tale
challenge, poem
An Iolaus goes fishing story

Don't You Know An Old Hunter's Trick When You See One?
challenge, episode related, drama, Attica
Orestes is forced to take Iolaus' place.

I Can Defend My Own Honor, Thank You
challenge, episode related, h/c. Xover (Xena)
Explain how Iolaus finds out that Gabrielle has been trained to fight, set just after "Mercenary".

Fever Dreams
challenge, h/c
Alcmene's ghost helps Iolaus through a fever.

A Double Edged Sword
challenge, yh, h/c
Hercules' strength causes him to inadvertently injure his best friend

Sometimes the Serpent Wins
challenge, yh, drama
How Iolaus learned to swim

challenge, episode related, humor
additional scenes for "Revelations" explaining why Iolaus is wearing half an amulet and what happens to his memorial.

Two Against A Cold Spring
episode related, challenge, drama, h/c
IWC Challenge: What happened to Iolaus while Hercules was chasing pigs and visiting his family in the underworld in "The Other Side"?

The Great Hercules Smarm Experiment
h/c, smarm
A little bit of smarm Hercules style.

challenge, atoz, drama, smarm
An answer to the April 2000 AtoZ challenge to write a story inwhich each paragraph begins with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet.

Sons and Fathers
challenge, drama
Answer to two IWC challenges: the God Fearing Child challenge and the Skouros' Death challenge. Hercules deals with the fact that he committed patricide with the help of a friend.

Life is But A Dream
challenge, list1, h/c, drama
Answer to the Iolausian Library's May 2000 challenge. Iolaus has to pay a debt for services rendered.

The Dance Lesson
challenge, damsel, humor
An Answer to the Library's July 2000 challenge to write a story in which Iolaus rescues the damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

Old Possums and Felines
Challenge, first1, h/c
Answer to the Iolausian Library's July 2000 challenge to write a story which begins, "The darkness was impenetrable, it surrounded and suffocated him."

Cast A Giant Shadow Missing Scenes
Challenge, ep2, h/c
Answer to the Iolausian Library's September 2000 challenge to add scenes to "Cast A Giant Shadow"

I'll Be Home for Solstice
challenge 12-2000, holiday
Answer to the library's December 2000 story challenge. Iolaus is feeling sorry for himself during the holidays but his family has the answer to his woes.

Gladiator Missing Scene
challenge, 1-2001, episode related, h/c
Answer to the library's January 2001 challenge to add scenes to the episode "Gladiator"

Apple Dreams and Fishing Streams
challenge 3-2001, YH
Young Herc and Iolaus spend a day fishing.

Strange Bedfellows
challenge 9-2001
Write a story in 750 words or less which begins, "It was a Dark and Stormy Night"

Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My
YH, challenge 10-2001
Answer to the October 2001 challenge to write a Young Hercules story including traditional halloween items.

Dinar Drop
challenge 12-2001, holiday
Iolaus helps out with a bit of holiday gift giving.

The Long Night
challenge 1-2002, humor, h/c
Answer to the challenge to write a story ending with the line, "The ship rocked and a voice moaned theatrically from the rail."

How Many Fingers?
challenge 2-2002, h/c
Answer to the challenge to add scenes between As Darkness Falls and Pride Comes Before a Brawl

The Demigod and the Irritable Sidekick
challenge 4-2002, humor
Answer to the April 2002 challenge, Iolaus has an irritating problem.

King of Thieves Epilogue: Samaritan or Thief
challenge 6-2002, h/c, episode related
an answer to the challenge to add scenes to King of Thieves

Cat and Mouse
Autolycus leads Herc and Iolaus on a merry chase.

In Sickness and In Health [RLJ sea1, ep3]
This is what happens when a demigod and his best friend decide to settle down and be regular citizens....

Under the Broken Sky
RLJ season 2, episode 6
Hercules and Iolaus go to help Salmoneus with his business and end up helping a whole town. Meanwhile King Jason is dealing with troubles of his own.

Crucible of Heroes part two The Golden Fleece
RLJ season 3, episode 15
Hercules, Iolaus and Jason remember their final adventure together from their Academy days.

RLJ season 3, episode 19
Hercules and Iolaus discover an unknown civilization just before it vanishes from the face of the Earth.

Two Men and A Baby
RLJ season 4, episode 5
Hercules and Iolaus are left with a baby and a mother in need of saving.

Armageddon Now part 1
RLJ season 4, episode 10
An evil entity frees Callisto from her prison and makes a deal that will remove Hercules from Greece forever.

Armageddon Now part 2
RLJ season 4, episode 11
After failing to save Alcmene, Iolaus must continue traveling in time into a Greece without a Hercules to stop Callisto and her dark partner from permanently changing history.

My Fair Cupcake
RLJ season 4, episode 14
Autolycus gets a second chance at love but will his own schemes force him to give her to another man?

RLJ season 5, episode 3
Having failed in his task, Herculesís grief takes him north to a new land where a young Druid has been having visions of a coming hero. Can Hercules find the hero within himself in time to save the village from the coming invaders set on destroying it?

There's Always A Bigger Fish
RLJ season 5, episode 22
After a quick honeymoon, Iolaus and Nautica set up housekeeping under the sea. But Iolaus is plagued with bad dreams about his friend and feels he must return to Hercules to make sure heís alright. Meanwhile, Iolausís ship crashes on the rocks during a storm. He is rescued by Nautica who doesnít realize this unconcious Iolaus isnít her husband. Mayhem insues.

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