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Innocents Lost
drama, Xover (Xena)
Feeling unneeded, Iolaus strikes out on his own and ends up helping Xena rescue the children of a village about to be sacrificed to a blood-thristy cult.

Not Going My Way
One disaster after another seems the fate for Iolaus until Hercules meets an old woman who tells him a strange tale of kindness and protection.

drama, h/c
Jason is kidnapped by slavers, and Hercules comes up with a plan to rescue him. The only problem is that the plan depends on Iolaus being sold into slavery.

Old Blood
Medea returns to seek more revenge against Jason for his infidelity, and Iolaus is captured when he tries to spy out her plans.

Flesh and Blood
In this sequel to "Old Blood", Iolaus must turn his back on Jason and on his best friend, Hercules, to rescue Jason's son from Medea with the help of Autolycus, King of Thieves.

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