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Honour and Courage
PG, Xover (Xena), episode related drama
One bard's idea of how Iolaus learned that Gabrielle had become an Amazon.

Missing Scene “Not Fade Away”
When Iolaus meets his father Skouros in the Underworld, they make up pretty quickly. A bit too quickly for my liking, so here is what I thought was forgotten.

The Book of Shadows
drama, net persona
A Goddess travels to Greece in search for a stolen magical book.

Sequel to "Book Of Shadows", net persona, drama

The Choice
Ares put's Hercules before a choice: To save either Iphicles' or Iolaus' life.
Choices (Iolausian Hideout on Tripod)

co-written with Rhiannon, drama
Hercules and Iolaus find an old abandoned castle. But is it really abandoned?

Missing Scene: “Hercules On Trial”
episode related, drama
Hercules is being tried for encouraging people to be a hero like him. One of the witnesses against him is Iolaus. But I thought the prosecutor let him off too easily ...

The Hunter In My Closet
After the beginning of Season 5, Iolaus is worried of what will happen to him next. He's sick of dying all the time, so he decides to hide ...

And What About Us?
Morgan wakes up in the middle of the night to find she's got two familiar visitors.

The Stargate
Xover (Stargate), drama
Hercules and Iolaus stumble onto an adventure with the gang from "Stargate"

A Love Long Lost
drama, h/c
When Hercules and Iolaus are being called back to Thebes to deal with bandits, Iolaus comes face to face with a woman from his past. And she has plans for him...

The Jerry Springer Show
The topic on today's show is "Love Triangles" and the studio guests are: Iolaus, Hercules, Xena and Ares.

Business As Usual?
misc, humor
Whatever happenes after Herc & Iolaus have defeated the baddies in a fantastic fight in the village square? Here's a call to Greece DirectLine Insurance after our heroes have left the scene.

If H:TLJ was a box of painkillers ...
misc, humor
Now that H:TLJ is available on video, it should have an insert containing warnings and contents.

Larry King Live
Larry's guest today is Ares, God of War. He talks about his job, life on Mt Olympus and his latest book "War Times".

Zeus Online
misc, humor
An interview with Zeus

Ali G Does Hercules
Parody of a UK TV program called "Ali G"

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