Stories by Ceredwyn

List of Story Codes and their meanings

No Regrets
Alcmene leaves a farewell note for Iolaus to find as she prepares for her death.

On his way to visit his mother after Alcmene's death, Iolaus finds a note that Alcmene left him.

Eye of ChronosX-files crossover
Xover (X-Files), drama
Hercules and Iolaus are transported to the 20th century where they end up involved with a branch of the FBI referred to as the X-Files.

Some Bard's Say [Creative Crossroads]
A lovely poem celebrating the life and legend of Iolaus.

Soul Stone
Iolaus is asked to risk his life to save the soul of a dying healer from another land.

Enforcer Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge
IWC Enforcer Challenge response

Armageddon Now Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, drama
IWC Armageddon Now Challenge response

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