Stories by Ceallach

List of Story Codes and their meanings

Liar's Moon
PG-13 drama h/c
Iolaus goes to meet Hercules, unaware that Ares is plotting Hercules' destruction and plans to use him to accomplish that task.

One Good Trick Deserves Another
G, YH, humor
A Young Hercules and Iolaus find out that playing practical jokes can have unexpected consequences.

One Lump or Two?
G, humor, h/c
An injured Iolaus defies Hercules' orders to stay in bed, only to find that someone has made arrangements for his care.

A Task
Iolaus comes to the rescue of a lovely Celtic lady, and the two of them are given a dangerous task by the Sidhe to win their freedom.

Curiouser and Curiouser
H:TLJ meets "Alice in Wonderland"

Another Chance
AU, episode related, drama
Author's attempt to answer what happened in the Alternate Universe between the episodes "Stranger In A Strange World" and "Stranger and Stranger"
A Matter of Trust
drama, h/c
When Hercules is shot with a poison arrow, will the healer do more harm than good?
Stealing Hearts
fairy tale
Herculean version of Sleeping Beauty

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