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List of Story Codes and their meanings

What If...
Xover (Xena), drama, AU
While Hercules and Xena are off on a mission, Iolaus and Gabrielle spend some quality time together...not without Ares' interference of course.

Sweet Child of Mine
Xover, drama
Ares' daughter is suspected of killing one of their friends. Will Iolaus defend her?

The Beginning
Xover, drama, AU
Sequel to "What If..." Gabrielle and Iolaus are married. But when Iolaus is called off to war, will he make it back home in time for the birth of his child?

Hera's Return
Xover, drama, AU
Third story in the "What If..." series. Hera is out to destroy Xena's unborn child.

Behind Every Good Man... - ...Is an Even Better Woman.
YH, drama
Zylus proves just how true this is when he comes back for revenge and brings a little help.

Gone But Not Forgotten & In Rememberance
Xover, drama
Gabrielle and Iolaus' thoughts on each others deaths.

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