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Home Coming


Kings and Jokers (broken link)
Hades has a small task for Hercules and Iolaus: retrieve Cerberus from Ares.

Love is Beautiful
challenge, damsel
An answer to the Library's June story challenge to write a story in which Iolaus rescues the damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

Joanne Alich

The Captive Princess (broken link)
A bard's tale sends Iolaus and Hercules to the rescue of a Princess.


The Megara Chronicles: Beginnings


A Hero is Born
G, Xover (Xena), episode related
A story set before "My Best Girl's Wedding" Gabrielle confronts her guilt over Iolaus' death, and Iolaus 2 finds a way to truly be a hero.


A poem inwhich Hercules expresses his feeling after events in "Faith" and the 5th season.


The Erl - King (broken link)
A story about the sacrifices that Iolaus has had to make, including his wife and child, to be by Hercules' side.

The Ashen

Law of the Underworld
What if Hercules had been a 1920's PI? No need to imagine in this story and half the fun is picturing our fave H:tLJ and WP characters in the down and dirty streets of gangsterland Chicago.


Choices (broken link)
Another story involving Iolaus' "missing" child/children. Hera kidnaps Iolaus' children and forces him to make a choice between them and Hercules.


G, drama
A short story that proves that love does indeed conquer all.

Twas the Night Before Winter Solstice
poem, holiday
Herculean version of "The Night Before Christmas"

Jake Atkins

Survivor of Cirra
A long time ago, a boy named Atreus had his parents taken from him in Cirra, later in life his adopted parents are killed by Callisto in her quest to find Xena. Now Callisto must stop the survivor of Cirra from claiming his bloody vengence on both herself, and Xena the warrior princess.


Once of Us... [broken link]
Episode 3 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

All in the Family [broken link]
Episode 22 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


The Gods Slept
Xover, AU, drama
A Herc/Xena and Highlander crossover; Gabrielle and Methos face familiar challenges as they search for a lost friend -- Iolaus.


Eel of Fortune
Co-written by Locita, Xover, drama, H/C
Hercules is afflicted by the God of Madness and begins destroying everything in sight. The only possible way to save him is for Iolaus to sacrifice himself to the She-Beast willingly, but Iolaus doesn't die. The She-Beast has taken his memory. When Hercules recovers he must try and find his friend. Xena and Gabrielle also make an appearance in this one.


Reflections and Resolutions
X-over, drama
Iolaus and Xena must defeat a dangerous magician. To do so, they must confront their past and learn to live with it.


On their way to a convention at which one of them is an extra special guest, Hercules and Iolaus recollect the time when the blond hunter came up against a vicious and horrendous beast when he attempted to save two children, and almost lost his life in the process
Convention [Chalciope's Corner]

Queen of Witches
The sequel to 'Convention', a dark little tale based on Halloween, wherein Iolaus and Hercules wage separate fights for both their friends' lives and Iolaus' soul.


After You've Gone
G, poem, episode related
A beautiful poem, by a wonderful young bard, based on the events in "Faith"

Little Boy Lost
A beautiful, and very poignant, short story about a very young Iolaus.

Gail Christison

Hercules: The Longest Journey (broken link)
PG, drama
Hera's plots bring Hercules back to Gargarencia to face a past he changed.


Only Sorrows, Only Truths
ER, Drama, H/C, Adult contentWARNING: This story contains material that may be unsuitable for young readers.
The H:tLJ episode Gladiator told some of the story of what happened to Hercules and Iolaus in captivity. This continues that story, and a dark story it is. Hercules learns what fate befell his dearest friend at the hands of a cruel, coarse man.


Tell Me It's Not True
episode related, drama
An alternative ending to the events began in Faith. In this version, Hercules has to decide what is real and what was a dream.

R. Dempsey

The Wings of Pegasus
Iolaus has an adventure with a mythical creature while Hercules waits with the family for Iphicles' first child to be born.

Bad Night at the Gorgon's Whistle

A Bawdy Ballad ('Nuff said)


Iolaus' Closet of Anxiety
Based loosely on Bloom County, this funny story deals with all the anxieties that beset Iolaus in one night's dream.

Goldilocks...and the Three Stooges
humor, fairy tale


The Imposter
G, poem


A Friend in Need
Dinner at Kora's leads Hercules, Iolaus and Jason to find romance, adventure and shape-changing kidnappers
The Return
A sequel to 'A Friend in Need'. The Pazmins haven't given up on grabbing Kylee yet.


YH, drama
As a teenager, Iolaus runs away from home after repeated rejections by his father. Faced with life on the street, he makes an unusual friend. Can Hercules find him and bring him safely home?


The Beginning, the Middle and the End

A dialogue between Kevin Sorbo, Micheal Hurst and Robert Tapert reveals some behind the scenes surprises.


In the Name of Love [broken]
Episode 9 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


>Deathwatch (broken link)
drama, h/c
Hera had a nasty fate planned for Hercules, but Iolaus receives it by accident. With his best friend near death, can Hercules find the cure? And what of the mystery woman in his dream?


All's Fair in Love and War
PG, drama
After coming to the rescue of a woman in a tavern, Iolaus finds he must keep a sibling rivalry from getting out of hand.

L. Fox

The Cage of Elysis
xover (Xena)
Hercules is held captive in a magical cage...will his friends be able to free him?


Hunter's Horse
Mary Sue
What do you get when you put one handsome hunter, a resourceful Amazon, a shipwrecked pirate and a mythical stallion together? The answer is high-flying adventure, Iolausian-style!


An Old Friend
Hercules and Iolaus are enroute to rendezvous with Alcmene and Jason, when Hercules has an unexpected rendezvous of his own with... an old friend.


The Haps and Mishaps of Moving Helle Cross-Country
net persona, humor, AU
The story of how Helle finally made it from Arizona to Indiana.


In Between

Hercules is so overcome with grief after Iolaus died that he has trouble living his life. So, he decides to face his grief the only way he knows how.


A Father's Love
Iolaus tries to deal with the death of his wife.

Lisa Hobbs

Family Loyalties [Broken link]
xover (Xena)
A modern day young woman comes to terms with learning she is a goddess.


An Evening With Two Warlords
Two warlords are sitting in a dingy tavern and chat about Hercules & Xena.


Gabrielle is transported to the twenty first century by Ares and is suddenly joined by Iolaus. Adjustments must be made.
Tripping NC-17 version


Over the Rainbow
PG, Mary Sue
Iolaus meets a beautiful and mysterious young woman; meanwhile Callisto is back and after Hercules.

Ares' Challenge
Sequel to "Over the Rainbow". Iolaus plans to see the mysterious girl from OTR againbut Jason has other plans for her and Jason and the women of Corinth


The Wind Carries You
Drama, Xover (Xena)
Taking place right after "Sky High", Hercules, Xena, and Gabrielle embark on a mission to stop the God of War, with a little help from an unseen friend who is on a mission of his own.


The Price of Honor (broken link)
co-written by Rielle, arc, mary sue
When Joxer comes to Corinth bringing news of attacks in Trace, Iphicles, Jason, Iolaus, and Jael go off to stop them, but then Iolaus gets news from Attica of a dying princess - who could be his daughter.


Golden Wonder Ad[Broken Link]
misc, humor
A commercial written after a small "Oops" on the IML


Iolaus Trick in the Book
PG, Xover (Xena), humor
Xena turns the tables on Iolaus when he tries to pull one of his tricks on her.


YH, VS, cowritten by HBKid
Episode 11 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Mirror Mirror
YH, VS, cowritten by Pelee and HBKid
Episode 20 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


Dry Run [broken link]
Episode 16 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


Farewell, My Love (broken link)
preseries, drama
Iolaus is tricked into believing that Hercules is in danger, and when Ania, Iolaus' wife, learns of the trap she forces Hercules to take her along to help rescue her husband.

Kelley, Sue

Of Friends and Brothers
PG, YH, drama
A friendly fishing trip turns into tragedy for Young Hercules, Young Iolaus and Young Jason


Changes (broken link)
PG, drama
Hera's plots lead Hercules to the rescue of a young nymph, but Hera isn't the only one who's been plotting.

The Good, the Bad and the Simply Manic
humor, net persona
Can it be true that Ares is furious that his daughter and his Chosen are too blood thirsty?

Lawson, Jennifer

Kirra's Journey episode 1
The beginning of a fan fiction series centering around a young girl named Kirra and her life beside Greece's two famous heros, Hercules and Iolaus.

Episode One: The Paths Taken
drama, arc
Attending a festival in his honor, Hercules meets a young girl named Kirra, whose shy heroworship of him get her into more trouble that Hercules bargained for. He is soon faced with a situation he's rarely encountered nor prepared for--domestic abuse.


G, drama, AU
A chance meeting in a tavern sets Iolaus on a path to discover a lost love


Discord's Deal The Sequel
Sequel to Discord's Deal by BonaDea
Iolaus and Hercules head to Attica to visit the real Niobe and prevent a war, only Discord has decided to alter the deal.


An enigmatic, beautiful young woman involves Hercules and Iolaus in a mystery that crosses the boundaries of time.

Lynne A-J

Autolycus helps Iolaus escape from jail only to find that It's Hercules who needs their help.


Trio For Trouble [broken link]
Episode 15 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

Marit [aka Drudd]

Valley of the Roses (broken link)
PG, drama
Hercules finds a mythical valley and must save it from Hera's wrath.

The Cure (broken link)
drama, h/c
Hercules is injured, and Iolaus must, with the help of a very wise cat, go on a quest for a cure: a cure that is fatal to the one who administers it.

Tanya Metzger

Amongst Themselves
Iolaus and Gabrielle try to find the Chalice of Power before any of the gods can get their hands on it, while Hercules and Xena suffer the ill effects of a drug that has them at each other's throats.


A Few of Our Favorite Haunts
VS episode #6, holiday
It's Samhain, and a local monster awaits his sacrifice.


Mother's Love (broken link)
PG-13, drama
R: Iolaus finds himself drawn to an unusual young woman, who has her own priorities.


When We Meet Again
AU, PG13
Nebula and Iolaus meet after his return from the light. Can they recapture what they might have had or do they start from where they are?


Tragedy befalls Iolaus when he falls for a pretty girl.
This author has additional stories containing adult content posted to Hercules After Dark

Little Wooden Head
fairy tale
Herculean version of Pinochio


The Stone of Calamar

This story is still in progress, but an outline is included.

A sequel to 'Only Sorrows, Only Truths' by Cobber, Moon, and Dreamcatcher


To Take A Heart

Iolaus is kidnapped by slavers and sold to the "black witch". Or is she a witch?


A Tribute to Iolaus (broken link)

Just what the title says - a short tribute to Iolaus.


Valley of the Shadows
Hercules and Iolaus are captured by representatives of a rigid matriarchal society, separated and taken back to the womens' village. There they both undergo a gruelling test of both strength and endurance.


Scenes From A Childhood
A young Hercules and Iolaus story. The boys go on their first overnight camping trip by themselves. Of course, things don't go entirely as planned.


The Part I Hate Most
episode related
A missing scene that takes place directly after Redemption.


Reality and Dreams

A mysterious woman recounts her story of her profound relationship with Iolaus....


Thief of Hearts [link bad]
mild romantic situations. Autolycus falls for a childhood friend of Hercules and Iolaus


The Pythian Games (broken link)
mary sue, drama
A wandering minstrel helps Hercules and Iolaus restore the Pythian Games.
The Pythian Games

Untitled #1
drama, PG
possible title "Charmed"; Hercules and Iolaus, on their way to a festival, come across the sole survivor of a destroyed village. But all is not as it seems.


Making Peace
Nebula bids farewell to her lover.


Harmony of Elements
H/C, drama
Iolaus has been afllicted by a strange illness. Hercules is destracted saving a pair of feuding brothers while Athena takes a special interest in Iolaus

The Payment
episode related
Adding to events in Armageddon Now, it is explained how Iolaus might have given in to Dahak's deal.


Birds of a Feather [broken link]
Episode 13 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2

It's Greek to Me [broken link]
Episode 19 of Young Hercules Virtual Season 2


A Light in the Darkness
H/C, drama
Iolaus is injured in a cave in trying to save a little girl and in the process teaches a village a lesson they won't soon forget.
A Light in the Darkness [author's site]

Gerald L. Tonne

The Choice of Heroes
R, Drama, X-over Xena, H/C,
Hercules begins acting strangely after Iolaus is injured when aiding Xena in the rescue of abducted children from being sacrificed to Hera. When Hercules disappears mysteriously, Xena goes to find out why.


Iolaus and Callisto
Plagued by nightmares of Callisto dying, Iolaus returns to the cave to find answers to the dreams that haunt him but instead he finds Callisto alive and well. Can he sort through his feelings over the blonde immortal while seeking answers to his nightmares about her demise. Events of this story take place after "Survivor of Scirra" by Jake Atkins.[Caution, this one may contain some adult content in later chapters.]


Another Place, Another Time (broken link)
PG-13, AU
A what if story. In this reality the events in the episodes The Gauntlet and Unchained Heart never occurred. Xena has found her own way to the side of good, however Hercules and Iolaus are unaware of her conversion.

An Undying Tale (broken link)

Daughter of soulmates, student of Xena, Damiea sets out to catch her father, so that they may, together, avenge the murder of her mother...or die trying


The Magic Unicorns

When Pegasus and a unicorn mate, their offspring could impact the gods. ( incomplete: Part 2 coming soon)

An Undying Tale (broken link)
PG-13, AU
Set long after Hercules and Iolaus have finished their journeys, this story tells of what became of Iolaus and his family.


challenge, atoz, 04.00
Answer to the April 2000 A to Z story challenge - Iolaus feels edgy and can't explain why.


The Battle for Athens
drama, G
Ares and Poseidon decide to rid themselves of Athena by using her talisman against her. Only the hidden talisman just happens to be hanging around Iolaus' neck.


Iolaus and the Slave Women (broken link)
humor, PG
Iolaus is having a bad day. Finding that Gabrielle has been taken prisoner by slavers, he sets out to rescue her and finds more trouble every step of the way.

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