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Reflections of a Golden Kind
episode related
The writer's 'epilogue' to the Golden Hind trilogy. After Serena's death and the ensuing events, Hercules reflects upon his losses, with a little help from a certain friend.

A Matter of Ethics
episode related, humor
Jason is stunned to learn that, during his memory loss, courtesy of Fortune, Iolaus did something very, very bad. He cheated at cards!

A Life Worth Living
drama, H/C
Hercules and Iolaus visit a plague-ridden town, where they help the healer, Marchus, deal with the ravages and deaths from the sickness. Unfortunately, Iolaus then falls victim to the fever and Hercules has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

drama, H/C
Hercules, grieving after his mother's death, decides that being around him is too dangerous and journeys alone, leaving Iolaus behind. Stubborn and as intrepid as usual, however, the blond warrior follows him - and promptly disappears ...

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