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Brother's Keeper
(listed under PhilyNative), drama
Hera's Blue Priest returns again to use poison against Hercules' brother, Iphicles, before the birth of his heir. The poison plays on Iphicles' jealousy of Iolaus, and the two men must resolve their differences to save the life of Iphicles' wife and child.

Peacock's Eye
(listed under PhilyNative), drama
Hera's stone, the Peacock's Eye, is stolen and Iolaus is unlucky enough to find it. The stone's curse nearly kills him, but Iolaus has many, many friends...

When Last We Left Our Heroes
episode related, humor, AU
A modern day Hercules has to break the news to Iolaus that he's being killed in the series.

The Rest of the Story
episode related, drama
An epilogue to "Redemption" involving a misguided storyteller.

Prometheus Unbound
episode related, challenge, Xover
IWC Prometheus challenge response

Though This Be Madness
episode related, challenge, drama
IWC Surprise challenge response.

Hero's Heart Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, drama
IWC Hero's Heart challenge response.

Enforcer Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, H/C
IWC Enforcer challenge response.

Armageddon Now Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, drama, violence
IWC Armageddon Now challenge response.

If Wishes Were Fishes
episode related, challenge, humor
IWC Mythological Fishing Trip challenge response

episode related, challenge, H/C
IWC Alcmene's Ghost challenge response.

Post Revelations Challenge
episode related, challenge
IWC Post Revelation challenge response.

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