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List of Story Codes and their meanings

Seeds of Doubt
drama, H/C
Iolaus is taken prisoner. Hercules rescues him but there are complications.

Words of Love
WARNING: This story involves the subject of rape. The story contains graphic content that may be offensive to some readers. Violent portions of the story may not be suitable for younger readers or the faint of heart. h/c, drama
Iolaus is held captive and forced to face something so terrible that Hercules is not certain their friendship is enough to bring him back.

An A-Z Poem
challenge, atoz, poem
An answer to the April 2000 AtoZ challenge to write a story inwhich each paragraph begins with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet.

Flesh and Bones
drama, h/c
Iolaus is plagued by terrible dreams and no one can help him.

Silence Breaks
poem, challenge, damsel
A poetic answer to the June 2000 story challenge to rescue a damsel in distress in 500 words or less.

The Colour of Nothing
challenge, first1, drama
An answer to the Library's July 2000 story challenge to write a story which begins "The darkness was impenetrable, it surrounded and suffocated him".

A Proud Obsession
drama, h/c, sequel to "Seeds of Doubt"
Iolaus and Hercules are both tormented by the thought that Ffloyd was still a threat to them and the secrets that they are each harboring from the other.

In Need of A Hero
drama, challenge 11-2000, h/c
Ares wants a little revenge after "Full Circle".

I'll Be Home for Solstice
challenge 12-2000, holiday
Answer to the Library's 2000 holiday story challenge

Iolaus fights for his soul against a dark power and Hercules is helpless to assist him.

The Umpteenth Time
One author's attempt to deal with the outrageous way the writers played with our heroes characters in the last season

Pandion's Scrolls
Iolaus' stepfather attempts to write the story of his stepson's life.

The Arguement
challenge (6-2001)
Hercules and Iolaus have an arguement

Let the Fates Decide
the fates discuss the problems of reweaving a certain hunter's life thread.

In the Light
drama, episode related "Redemption" and "Revelations"
A story about Iolaus' life as a guardian of the light

Two Roads Diverged
Hercules dies and Iolaus has to face living alone, or does he?

Lessons in Beekeeping
challenge 4-2002
Answer to the April 2002 challenge, Herc and Iolaus indulge in some beekeeping.

Without Words
drama, h/c
Hercules and Iolaus are invited to attend a celebration honoring 10 years of peace in King Pellius' kingdom but is it really that simple?

This Place
challenge 9-2002
challenge to write a description of a place from three different viewpoints.

The Statue
au, drama
A modern day archaeologist digs up a statue of a Greek hero.

We Shall Never Forget
au, drama
Sequel to "The Statue"

Harder Than A Hydra
challenge 5-2002, drama
Hercules and Iolaus are guest lecturer's at the Academy.

Waiting For Justice
challenge 6-2002, episode related (King of Thieves)
challenge to write a missing scene for King of Thieves.

Iolaus' Boot
Iolaus has trouble with his boot.

The Demigod and the Dog
challenge 3-2003
Also the answer to a challenge to write a story from the perspective of one of the other characters in the story.

Eye of the Beholder
RLJ season 1, episode 8
Hercules tangles with an angry cyclops and 50 women who want to have his baby while Iolaus takes care of things back home.

Once A Hero
RLJ season 2, episode 15
Hercules and Iolaus return to Corinth for an Argonauts reunion only to find that the object of their original quest has been stolen. Jason is having difficulties dealing with his recent losses and kingdom politics.

The Apple
RLJ season 2, episode 18
Hercules and Iolaus attend a wedding only Aphrodite has other ideas about Iolaus and the bride.

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