The Cameron Quilt Project

A few short years ago Michael Hurst's fans got together to make a quilt to celebrate the birth of Michael's first child, Jack. In late 1999, Jack's little brother Cameron arrived, so another quilt had to be made. However, Michael had many more fans that wanted to help this time around.

To determine who would get the honor of making blocks for the quilt, we asked everyone to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House Auckland. The top 25 donators were each sent one square of the background fabric to make their block with. On this page you will find pictures of the blocks and the final quilt as well as pictures of the Texas Iolausian Quilting Bee and information about the Ronald McDonald House Auckland.

This quilt raised $3262.00 US dollars for the RMH. When that money was converted into New Zealand dollars it totalled over $7,000!!!!

Further donations may be sent to:

Ronald McDonald House Auckland
Private Bag 93-232
Parnell, Auckland
New Zealand
Correspondence can be directed to Mr. Brent Taylor, the House manager.

There will be future fundraisers for this charity, keep checking back at the main page of the Iolausian Library for details about how you can help.

for more information about Ronald McDonald House Charities, check out their webpage

**Owlharp visits the Ronald McDonald House Auckland while on vacation in NZ.

**Responses from Michael and Jennifer

**The individual quilt squares listed by the name they will be credited with on the quilt label: (Note, more will be posted as the pictures are developed)

Melinda Holley
sewn by Jane Lusk, donated by Adrianne Dailey
Georgia Millsap
Ellen Rollo
Bridgette Burkholder
Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer
sewn by Sandra Shoemake, donated by Marissa Pepe
Regina Elio
Deena Azar
Marilyn Taylor
sewn by Pamela Girard, donated by Suzanne Weiler
Elizabeth Sundberg
Susan Sanders
Joanna Dionne
MJ Frank
Felicia Willeman
sewn by Stephanie Lupa donated by Catrin Sacksteder and Jane Harper
donated by the IRU
Barbara Leflar-Jackson
sewn by Anne Walker Lenz,donated by Isabel Collins
sewn by Gwen Olivier, donated by members of the IML
sewn by Kathleen Sobansky, donated by Linda Briley
Jeanne Belcher

Donators for the IML Block are: Gwen Olivier, Chelsea Olivier, Brent Olivier, Adrianne Dailey, Dianne DelVecchio, Susan M. Sanders, Felicia Willeman

Donators for the IRU Block are: Sue Beattie, Sandra Shoemake, Joan Florio, Joann Saratovich, Terry Kitay, Kelly Wagner, Janet Sella, Sue Tavares

**The border:

corner #1
corner #2
corner #3
corner #4
side #1
side #2

**The extra patches (may be used in the quilt or in pillow cases):
balloon #1 [balloon patches sewn by Pamela Girard]
balloon #2
balloon #3
balloon #4
extra patch sewn by Jeanne Belcher
extra patch sewn by Bridgette Burkholder
Original IRU patch will go in the scrapbook
extra patch sewn by Jane Lusk
block label (the labels are sewn on upside down so that when you are looking at the top of the quilt you can flip up the lower corner and have the "legend" for all the various blocks easily accessible.)
construction label

**The Texas Iolausian Quilting Bee held October 19-22, 2000.

**the credits:
Donation Coordinator and scrapbook maker: Kathleen Sobansky
Border and quilt assembly: Pamela Girard
Quilters: Pamela Girard, Jane Lusk, Debbie Blackwell, Cindy Watts, Margaret Thomas, Alyssa Steele

**The final quilt:

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