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A Matter of Trust
drama, h/c, episode related
Iolaus meets Voluptua who has plans for using him to satisfy her need for revenge. They fall in love in spite of other intentions and are forced to deal with the wheels she has already set in motion.

Someone To Watch Over Me
Iolaus is left to baby-sit his little sister but she disappears when Iolaus and Hercules' backs are turned and her tracks lead them to the river's edge.

PG, drama
Hera's interference brings Iolaus face to face with some ghosts from his past.

It's Just A Story
PG, drama
A young bard's stories cause Hercules and Iolaus a lot of grief.

Barbarian Librarians
net personas, humor

Barbarian Librarians 2: The Return
net personas, humor

Barbarian Librarians 3: Hetairai to Ares
net personas, humor

The Chasm
PG-13, drama
Those that love Iolaus come together to find a way to save him from a question of conscience.

Uncle Iolaus

A Walk Through the Forest
misc, humor
The first series of cliffhanger jokes told as a story.

Iolaus in the Underworld
misc, humor
The second series of jokes told as a story. Warning, some of these jokes have been known to cause groaning...

I Left the Light for This?
Aphrodite and Xena need Iolaus for a mission that only he can complete but Hercules must be kept busy in the meantime....

Armageddon Now Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related
IWC Armageddon Now challenge response.

The Getaway
challenge, Attica
IWC What if Orestes had to take Iolaus' place challenge response.

Second Chances
challenge, YH
IWC How did Iolaus end up at the Academy challenge response.

Just Another Ordinary Day
IWC Responsibilities of Strength challenge response.

Enforcer Missing Scenes
challenge, episode related
IWC Enforcer challenge response.

drama, h/c
Iolaus gets lost in a cave with a curse and discovers a secret that could change his life.

I'll Be Home For Solstice
challenge, 12-2000
Answer the Library's December 2000 story challenge

Cold Feet
challenge Iwc22, episode related (otherside), drama
IWC Otherside Challenge to explain what happened to Iolaus while Hercules was in the underworld.

If you give Iolaus Boar Stew
children's story book
adaptation of a children's book called "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". It's sort of an electronic picture book.

Once a King
challenge 5-2002
Answer to the challenge to add scenes to King of Thieves.

The Bargain
challenge, preseries

Festival of Dionysus
RLJ, season 1, episode 13
Hercules and Iolaus are called to a kingdom in time for the annual festival to bless the new wine.

What's in A Name?
RLJ season 2, episode 3
Hercules meets his brother unexpectedly and opens old wounds.

Heedless Hearts
RLJ season 3 episode 16
Just an average day, Hercules and Iolaus get involved in a local revolution, Hercules nearly falls in love and Iolaus has visions of the future. My Best Girl's Wedding
RLJ season 5, episode 21
Iolaus and Nautica plan to marry if only they can convince her father that itís a good idea.

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