Stories by Bona Dea

List of Story Codes and their meanings

Discord's Deal
PG, drama
Discord strikes a deal with Ares in which she agrees to distract Iolaus long enough for Ares to kill Hercules. Note: LNora wrote a sequel to this story.

Iolausian Amazons Invade Xenite Territory: The Taking of Threadgill's
PG, humor, net
Iolaus enlists the help of 5 amazons to help him retrieve the Mighty Butter Knife of Hercules which is being held in Xenite territory.

A Consequence of Honor
PG-13, drama
Iolaus visits an Amazon tribe and has to help an old friend with a problem.

Ultimate Sacrifice
adult, R, pre-series, drama, h/c
Hercules is lured to Hera's temple where Iolaus has to interrupt his honeymoon to rescue him but at what cost?

Honor Among Theives
PG, episode related, challenge, drama
IWC Hero's Heart challenge response.

Armageddon Now Missing Scenes
PG, episode related, challenge, humor
IWC Armageddon Now Challenge response.

PG, episode related, challenge, drama
IWC Post Revelations challenge response

Serpent Safari
PG, episode related, challenge, drama
IWC Wedding of Alcmene Challenge response.

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