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The Death of Two
drama arc
Another servant of Hera's uses her power to convince Hercules that Iolaus is dead. She also makes Iolaus believe that Hercules is dead. Can Xena and Gabrielle help Hercules learn the truth before Iolaus really does die?

An Unstrung Hero
h/c, arc
A sequel to "The Death of Two," this story tells what really happened to Iolaus during his imprisonment, and puts him back into danger again as one of his captors comes to reclaim him.

Courting Trouble
Iolaus' talent with the ladies really gets him in trouble this time as he gets involved with a spoiled rich girl and her chaperone, two very different women, and is kidnapped in the bargain.

Taking Time Out
Iolaus, injured and tired of being ignored by the people he risks his life to save, leaves Hercules and finds more trouble than he bargained for with a jealous husband.

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