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Heir of Darkness
Hercules helps Xena deal with an unexpected revelation, while Iolaus and Gabrielle deal with some revelations of their own.

The sequel to Heir of Darkness. The foursome must face and deal with the things they've learned in order to defeat Hera's latest plot.

Alternate Armageddon
episode related
Alternate scenes for the episode, "Armageddon Now"

Soulmate Lament

Gabrielle's thoughts after learning from Hercules that Iolaus has died.

The Sibling Terror

While attempting to save a little girl's life Iolaus is wounded then "rescued" by two little odd/old ladies. includes Hercules, Lydia ("Pride Cometh Before a Brawl") and an appearance by Gabrielle.

written by Beckers and Jackie
Iolaus has just been killed by Gilgimish, Hercules is a mess ... Yet, who is that fellow attempting to seduce Gabrielle as Xena looks on, very suspicious?

Journey to Elysia part one Part two

King Iphicles Bride-to-be is kidnapped and it's up to Iolaus, Hercules, Xena and Gabrielle to get her back.Tragedy ensues, no thanks to Hera.

Consequences: The Debt

Gabrielle is asked to make a very personal sacrifice to pay off a debt to Ares. It involves Iolaus and Hercules and a very ruthless Discord. Rated PG13 (adult content but nothing too graphic).

Coming Around
Jester, Xover
Iolaus2 and Hercules come to an understanding. Gabrielle and Xena learn from Ares of Iolaus1's death and go to see the demigod. Stay for the epilogue!


Takes place after the episode BeDeviled, where Iolaus and Hercules have a talk about something disturbing Sin said.

Winter Solstice Miracle

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Skyros
Story by Beckers and Jackie
Iolaus, Gabrielle, Dirce and Joxer are involved in a "comedy of errors" when Aphrodite and Cupid make a bet.

The Purpose
holiday, drama
An Easter story: Hercules follows an obsessed Iolaus to Judea to witness The Crucifixion.

Xover (Xena), AU,
25 years in the future, Xena and Gabrielle return to Greece to visit old friends.

first1, challenge
An answer to the July 2000 story challenge to write a story begining with the sentence, "The darkness was impenetrable, it surrounded and suffocated him."

episode related (Maze of the Minotaur), drama
Explains what happens to Iolaus after he disappears down the hole into the Minotaur's lair.

Kithia's Lament
VS episode #2,
Hercules and Iolaus have to tackle a monster worse than any fire breathing dragon - hypocrisy in a small town.

A Nice Place to Visit
VS episode #7, co written with Jackie
Hercules and Iolaus wander into the Friendliest Village in Greece, unaware of the town's tradition of sacrifice.

Kithia's Lament

Story originally written for the Virtual Season
Gladiator Challenge story
challenge 1-2001
Answer to the library's January 2001 challenge to add missing scenes to Gladiator

His Amazon

Post Solstice Fiasco
YH Humor Challenge12-2001 episode related "Me, Myself & Eye"
Young Iolaus visits home for Solstice then takes on the involved task of helping a (female) salmon in jeopardy.

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