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As Strong As Their Worshipers (on Geocities)
challenge, 9-2003, drama, G rated
A number of gods complain about Hercules and Iolaus interfering with their plans, but some are inspired. One is actually learns more from these two heroes than all the gods combined.

A Dog's Life
challenge, 11-2003
Iolaus has a soft spot for the weak, even if they walk on four legs.

It's All In the Point of View
PG-13, Challenge, 3/2004
Just once, Iolaus and Hercules would like to have an uneventful vacation. No such luck, not when Strife and Discord are up to their old tricks.

The Basilisk
Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. Iolaus and Hercules are no exception when they run into a monster from their past.

Various Drabbles
ratings vary
short vingettes.

Mummy Dearest
RLJ sea3, ep 3
Hercules and Iolaus meet an Egyptian princess, Salmoneus runs a House of Horrors and a mummy walks.

A Star to Guide Them
RLJ sea3, ep 20
Iolaus has a vision that sends him north, a confused Hercules following in his wake.

Regrets...I've Had A Few
RLJ sea4, ep2
Some memories are bittersweet. Hercules and Iolaus are reminded of this when they visit a friend whose time left on this earth is all too short.

Hercules on Trial
RLJ season 4, episode 8
No good deed goes unpunished. Hercules learns the meaning of this when his heroic deeds land him in trouble with the law.

RLJ season 5, episode 7
The hunter becomes the hunted. While on his journey to the Greek Afterlife, Iolaus comes to the attention of two warring factions.

Meanwhile Back in Greece
RLJ season 5, episode 9
The gods and mortals alike prepare for the coming of Dahak and his horsemen.

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