Stories by Ayelet

List of Story Codes and their meanings

There's No Place Like Home
Iolaus wants to go home and visit Alcmene and the family but Hercules is afraid that something terrible will happen since everytime he goes home, people he loves get hurt.

A Siren's Song
drama, H/C, arc
Lamia returns as a servant of Hera sent to capture Hercules' soul. Iolaus has to resort to dire measures to save his friend. Part 2 of a 3 part story, see Ceryndip's author page for parts 1 and 3.

Blood Brothers
Hercules and his bother, Iphicles, meet a new kid by the fishing hole and they all become friends. That is, until the family comes and takes Iphicles away.

Iolaus' Path
This story takes place after Iolaus learns of the death of Hercules' wife and children in the episode, The Wrong Path. Iolaus must decide which direction he will follow.

Iolaus Jumping In... (broken link)
humor, preseries
Hercules' being in love with Deianeira is a little hard for Iolaus to get used to, and he makes a fool of himself in the process.

By the Gods (broken link)
A young girl travels to Mount Olympus in the twentieth century, and learns the story of what really happened to the gods from the only "awake" person in Zeus' palace - Iolaus.

What Growing Up Is All About (broken link)
A young Iolaus tries to explain his fears of growing up to Hercules.

Aunty Dearest
net persona, humor
Hercules and Iolaus escape Hercules' Aunts at his family reunion only to have to face the Great Aunt Council.

First Born
Hercules waits for his first child to be born.

A Letter To the Dead
Hades allows Hercules to write one letter to Deianeira on the other side.

Ayelet's Fishtale
IWC Mythological Fishing Trip Challenge response.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
IWC How did Iolaus find out that Gabby can fight Challenge response.

Maze of the Minotaur Missing Scenes
episode related, challenge, drama
IWC Maze of the Minotaur Challenge response.

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