Stories by Artemis Artemis

List of Story Codes and their meanings

Iolaus and Me and Iolaus...Makes Three?
YH slash (PG13 for nongraphic slash reference)
Story 1 in the BambiLand Series. Hercules and Iolaus run into a confusing situation on a hunting trip to Attica.

Shake Your Grove Thing
YH slash (PG13 for nongraphic slash references)
Story 2 in the BambiLand Series. Sequel to "Iolaus and Me and Iolaus...Makes Three?" On their hunting trip, Hercules and Iolaus find Artemis' sacred grove.

Future Perfect: Imperative
YH slash (PG13 for nongraphic slash references)
Story 3 in the BambiLand Series. Sequel to "Shake Your Grove Thing." Aphrodite brings the older versions of Hercules and Iolaus back in time to meet their younger selves.

Gods and Ends
YH slash (PG13 for nongraphic slash references)
Story 4 in the BambiLand Series. The gods intervene again, with hilarious but potentially disastrous consequences. Sequel to "Future Perfect: Imperative."

Boys Will be Toys
YH slash (PG13 for discussion of nonexplicit slashy subjects)
A Young Hercules story. A postscript to the BambiLand Series, but can be read on its own. Cheiron does his best to get through a very difficult day at the Academy, and Hercules and Iolaus are no help at all.

Larceny and the Bounty
Iolaus teams up with a beautiful bounty hunter to collect the reward on a mysterious and deadly crime lord, but Hercules and Jason's well-intentioned attempt to help him, plus the interference of a young Prince of Thieves, may cause more trouble than they can handle.

You Don't Want to Know...
R slash (discussion of m/f adult material and nonexplicit slashy subjects)
Snowbound for the night, Hercules and Iolaus discuss ways to keep warm.

In Vino Salacitas by Artemis Artemis
rated NC17, slash While helping Salmoneus with a new project, Hercules and Iolaus encounter mysterious happenings in the town of Ganymede.

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