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The Gladiators
challenge, 1-2001, episode related
Answer to the library's January 2001 challenge to add scenes to the episode "Gladiator"

Not Today!!

When everyone's favourite Hunter once again finds his life in peril, the gods find they just can't face another lingering death they all (well, maybe not all but a lot of them) intervene to say "Enough already...not today!!!"

Gift of Peace
drama, h/c
A nightmare becomes real when Hope and Hera unite to force Hercules' allegiance by kidnapping Iolaus and threatening to torture him...forever. In the nightmare, the only escape possible is through death ... when Hercules has to confront the reality, he remembers Iolaus softly saying, "some things are worse than death".

Spirit Healer
Attica, drama
A young blind woman is a victim of Hera's curse: to be lost in time until a stranger saves her life by giving his own.

Because of You
challenge, enforcer3
Can Earth and Air accomplish what Water and Fire failed to do?

Highway to Hades Epilogue
challenge 2-2001, episode related
challenge to write a story about what happened when Hercules spent a day as a spirit.

The Cave of the Snow Bear
YH, drama, first1
The final assignment from the Academy tests Hercules and Iolaus beyond anything they have ever before experienced...and has impacts that will effect them for the rest of their lives.

A Day At the Beach
challenge 3-2001, YH
A day at the beach leads to trouble

A Ghost Story
H/C, Drama, PG, challenge 2-2001
Answer to the Highway To Hades challege.

The Rainbow Crystal
h/c, drama
When Hercules is poisoned, how great a risk will Iolaus face to save his best friend's life?

To Find Your Memories
h/c, drama
Hercules faces life with amnesia. Sequel to Rainbow Crystal.

Lost....And Found
challenge, 4-2001, YH
Iolaus has to alienate Hercules, and hit the streets, to protect him and Alcmene from Skouros.

Pearl of Wisdom
Athena asks for help to retrieve the Pearl Poseidon stole from her

May Missing Scene Challenge Response
challenge 5-2001, drama episode related Judgement Day
Iolaus, Xena and Gabrielle have just returned to find that Hercules is gone...and that he has taken Xena’s sword

Dirty Street Trash
challenge (first1), drama
After his near death, Iolaus travels home to visit his mother leaving Hercules to fend for himself.

The Power of Resistance
challenge (6-2001), drama
Hercules and Iolaus find themselves locked in a disagreement...and go their separate ways.

Children of the Sea
YH, drama
The King of Corinth seeks help from the cadets at the Academy to stop the pirates raiding ships at sea...and Iolaus accepts a special assignment to go undercover as a spy aboard their ship.

Niko's Story
The Rainbow Crystal story arc continues, following on 'Dirty Street Trash', Herc and Iolaus find out who the kid really is...and, at Artemis' request, have to face a stone panther brought to life by Discord.

The Laurel Crown
yh, drama
Hercules and Iolaus take on a Sphinx that is attacking Thebes.

There's No Place That Far
Hercules, Nico and Iolaus head to Attica, carrying the draft treaty between the Greeks and Romans, unaware they are being stalked by Romans bent on revenge.

My Friend Herc as told to Arianna by Iolaus
Limerick challenge response in Virtual Survivor Game

Tartarus Hath No Fury
Challenge 7-2001
A woman takes revenge on Iolaus for spurning her affections

Best Served Cold
Last Episode of the Rainbow arc: Andros plots his revenge against Hercules and Iolaus

The Bargain
h/c, drama
When Hercules is severely injured, Iolaus makes a bargain with Zeus for his life

There is No Glory
challenge 8-2001
Hercules and Iolaus stop in a village of widows and orphans...of a war they have just fought and won.

Mad About You
A beautiful young woman's obsession with Hercules spells trouble for Iolaus

sequel to Locita's Dragon Brothers, drama
Fitch, the King of the Dragons, asks for help from Iolaus and Hercules to stop a civil war on Dragon Island...but the risks are high for a mortal who has to remain too long in dragon form

Salt Of The Earth
drama, h/c
When Iolaus makes a promise to a dying stranger, he has no idea what the Fates have in store

The Test
drama, challenge 9-2001
A young Iolaus comes to the aid of three old women caught in a storm

Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My
YH, Challenge 10-2001
Iolaus tries to adjust to his new life as an Academy cadet with a little help from his friends

The Driffion
Hercules and Iolaus encounter an indestructible monster forged by Hephaestus

The Rose
Iolaus takes a desperate gamble to release Hercules from one of 'Dite's wayward spells

Mama Bear
11-2001, Challenge, preseries
Hercules brings his bride-to-be to meet his mother, but things aren't going too well until Iolaus shows up.

One Day...
drama, AU
What would Iolaus' life be like if Hercules were no longer with him?

A Solstice tale
Challenge 12-2001, holiday
Hercules' and Iolaus' plan to foil Ares' latest war goes awry

Standing In The Light
Hercules does battle with Lucifer who has taken on a very familiar form.

No Matter What
YH, drama
After graduating from the academy, Hercules and Iolaus begin their adult life together, fighting back-to-back.

A Fairy Tale
Iolaus is being held captive by the fairies and only his bond with Hercules might free him.

My Unsung Hero
Challenge 4-2002
The villagers can't recall Iolaus' name even after he rescues their children from Discord. .

Source Of Life
Challenge 4-2002
Hercules is poisoned by Hera and the only cure lies in a well-guarded cavern deep beneath Mount Olympus

One of Mine
Young Iolaus draws the attention of Ares when he risks his life to save two children.


A series of incidences convinces Iolaus that Hercules no longer cares about him and he strikes out on his own.

The Good Of The Many

Herc and Iolaus embark on a perilous journey to bring medicine to a plague-stricken village.

Dite and Heph's Anniversary Party

With all the worst intentions, Discord and Strife crash Dite and Heph's first anniversary party

Destiny Can't Be Denied

After losing his family, Iolaus dedicates his life to Hercules

'Spirit Of Heroes'

Hercules and the Olympians Gods are trapped by the Sovereign leaving Iolaus, with the help of Xena and Gabrielle, the task of freeing them

Unsettled Scores
a sequel to 'Spirit Of Heroes'
Xena is forced to face her past with Iolaus after he offers up his own life to save hers.

Ship Of Illusions
challenge 1-2002
Becalmed at sea, Hercules falls victim to one of Hera's curses.

Sins Of The Father

After believing him dead for years, Iolaus encounters his father to find that nothing has changed between them.

Be Careful What You Wish For
Challenge, 7-2002
An ill-considered remark by Hercules spells big trouble for the two heroes.

Hind Trilogy: Missing Scene
IWC3, Challenge
What happens when Hercules finds Iolaus near death from the hind's arrow.

King Of Thieves Epilogue
Challenge, 6-2002
A curious Autolycus follows the two heroes after Iolaus is freed.

I Miss My Friend
episode related
Months after losing Iolaus in Sumeria, Hercules has not yet accepted his death.

Labour Of Love
A retelling of the labours of Hercules and what it means to his relationship with Iolaus

The Curse Of The Dung Beetle
Challenge 8-2002
Hercules and Iolaus travel to Egypt to take up a chariot race challenge.

Family Feuds
Iolaus strikes out on his own after Hercules accuses him of being reckless.

My Soul,...My Choice
Arianna's retelling of the dread 5th season and how Hercules got his best friend back again.

Once A Thief
drama, YH
Iolaus has a hard time adjusting to life at the Academy and Hercules is being no help at all

Iolaus unexpectedly meets his younger sister whom he hasn't seen since childhood.

Anam Cara
Challenge 10-2002, drama
With Iolaus back from the Light, the heroes leave Greece when it becomes obvious their countrymen aren't about to forget Dahok in a hurry.

Something To Prove
Challenge 2-2002
After being blinded by Lyla, Hercules returns home to his best friend

The Facts Of Life
challenge 11-2002, drama
Iolaus teaches Jason some much needed lessons about surviving on the streets.

The Solstice Gift

Discord and Strife hatch up another evil plot to torment Hercules and Iolaus

The Weeping Maiden

Hercules is hit with an ancient curse and Iolaus has very little time to save him.

Cast Your soul To The Sea
Hercules and Iolaus are transformed into sea dwellers in order to aid Poseidon and his family.

Condemned To Die
Iolaus is accused of a murder he didn't commit and his friends cannot understand why he refuses to defend himself.

January 2003 Challenge
challenge 1-2003
An alternate look at a lifelong companion by a demigod.

challenge 4-2003, YH
Young Hercules learns a terrifying secret and needs some help from his best friend.

Why He Stayed
challenge 3-2003
So why should he hang around Thebes, Iolaus wonders, with Hercules away doing those labors.

Watch Your Back
The heroes have to split up to foil a kidnapping, but who's going to watch Herc's back?

Ode To A Phoenician Urn
challenge, 7-2003
Hercules is summoned to the aid of two old friends.

The Amazon Women"
Real Legendary Journeys Season 1, Episode 1
Hercules returns home to attend Iolaus' wedding only to be called away to a village in trouble with dire consequences for his best friend.

The Turtle's Tale
August 2003 Challenge
Herc and Iolaus come across a very large turtle with a very bad attitude.

My Husband, The Hero
September 2003 Challenge
The trial of Hercules as seen by the wife of Kanzankis

Meltdown by Arianna
HTLJ & The Sentinel Xover
Under a spell cast by Hera, Iolaus parts from Hercules lest he endanger him.

Beyond the Eastern Horizon
Real Legendary Journeys Season 1, Episode 6
After the death of his son, Iolaus decides to journey East

March to Freedom
Real Legendary Journeys Season 1, Episode 11
Oi-Lan and Cyrus, a young, newly married, couple in search of a new future are enslaved. When Hercules and Iolaus try to help, their motivations are misunderstood.

The Locked Room
challenge 10-2003
A mysterious room under the Academy has the students spectulating about its contents.

The Day After
challenge 11-2003
The young Prince of Corinth finds the love of his life.

Vanishing Dead
Read Legendary Journeys Season 1, Episode 16
Hercules and Iolaus get caught between two feuding sibblings.

Highway to Hades
RLJ season 2, episode 12
Hades enlists Hercules’ help to ensure the spirit of King Sisyphus of Patras is brought to the Other Side where it belongs. The mission is complicated by the tragedy of Timeron, who was tricked into taking Sisyphus’ place on his wedding night…

RLJ season 2, episode 19
When Hercules and Iolaus arrive in Zebron for the wedding of the new King, Beraeus, they discover the bride-to-be has been kidnapped by a man whom Iolaus remembers as a coward from years before…

Protean Challenge
RLJ season 2, episode 21
Confusion abounds when Hercules and Iolaus begin to fight one another over the attentions of a lovely maiden…

Second Chances I: When Love Takes A Holiday Nobody Wins
RLJ season 3, episode 1
Hercules escorts a prisoner to Spara, meanwhile Iolaus discovers relatives in the strangest places.

Second Chances II: For Love's Own Sake
RLJ season 3, episode 2
Iolaus continues to deal with what's become a family situation while Hercules is involved in a simple prisoner delivery gone wrong.

Stranger in a Strange World
RLJ season 4, episode 4
Two parallel universes collide and Iolaus gets trapped on the other side where the only way to save Zeus in both universes is for him to kill his best friend.

If I Had A Hammer
RLJ season 4, episode 7
A lonely Atalanta builds herself a man and Hercules has a run in with a bunch of grapes.

War Wounds
RLJ season 4, episode 15
Hercules and Iolaus return to Corinth for a visit but find Iphicles in the middle of a situation with some disinfranchised vetrans.

Darkness Rising
RLJ season 5, episode 8
Hercules returns to Sumeria to help Nebula defend her land and in hopes of defeating Dahak before he can travel to Greece.

All You Need is Love
RLJ season 5, episode 10
Hercules and Iolaus return to Greece to find it and it’s gods already ravaged by Dahak’s horsemen and Dahak in control of the land and it’s people who cried out for their hero but he wasn’t there. The showdown between good and evil will happen but which side will win?

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