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2004 Goldapples

Eye of the Beholder by Caro [RLJ sea1, episode 8]
Gifts of the Gods by Pythia
The Race by Pythia
Price Comes Before A Brawl by Sandman [RLJ sea1, episode 14]
The Locked Room by Arianna
The Ninth Plague by Martha Wilson
Gladiator by Sandman [RLJ sea1, episode 16]
Bogey Man by Quietwolf
It's A Hard Life by Quietwolf
Warrior Princess by MaryE [RLJ sea1, episode 18]
A Dog's Life by Barbaba
Hero for A Day by Margui
In His Brother's Arms by Sandman
And Now He Writes to Heaven by Mary Crawford
Day of Silence by Quietwolf
Outcast by Quietwolf [RLJ season 2, episode 5]
Under the Broken Sky by Ceryndip [RLJ season 2, episode 6]
Mother of All Monsters by Melisande [RLJ season 2, episode 7]
Ania's Turn by Sandman
The Basilisk by Barbara
Prometheus by Ziggy [RLJ season 2, episode 10]

2004 Honorable Mention

Fact of Life by Skylark
Once Upon a Trying Time by Pythia
The Day After by Arianna
Vanishing Dead by Arianna [RLJ season 1, episode 16]
Kill with Kindness by Annabelle
Strife by Melinda [RLJ season 1, episode 17]
It's All in the Point of View by Barbaba
The Way It Is by Quietwolf
Falafel's Menu by Annabelle
All that Glitters by Margui [RLJ season 2, episode 2]
What's in a Name? by Bwell [RLJ season 2, episode 3]
I don't Need you Anymore by Marcia

2003 Golden Apples

And the Rest is Silence... by Owlharp
Arcadia by Martha Wilson
Beyond the Eastern Horizon by Arianna [RLJ sea1, ep 6]
Brother Ghost by Amorette
Cast Your Soul To The Sea by Arianna
Champion by Owlharp, Stefka, and Cassima
Dancing Hours by Naomi Prince
Dark Hunt by Martha Wilson
Day In The Life Of Hades, Lord God Of The Underworld by Allie
Down By The Sea By Lunita
The Demigod and the Dog by Caro
Double Jeopardy by Annabelle
Eyes of a Child by DreamCatcher
Facts Of Life by Arianna
For Better or Worse by Sandman
Fortunes of War by Randi DuMois [adult]
Hero in Their Midst by Quiet Wolf
In Sickness and In Health by Ceryndip [RLJ sea1, ep3]
Iolaus' Boot by Caro
Maze of the Minotaur by Melisande [RLJ sea1, ep5]
Meltdown by Arianna
Mirror of the Soul by Carolyn Golledge
Ode To A Phoenician Urn by Arianna
Right Path by Randi DuMois [adult]
Solstice Gift by Arianna
Ultra Amorem by MaryE

2003 Honorable Mention

Better to Give, or When Hector Was a Pup by Annabelle
Brother by Allie
Cat and Mouse by Ceryndip
The Cattle of Geryon by MaryE
Compufurb by Llyra
Condemned To Die by Arianna
Conversations in a Cave by Stubby
Everybody's Free to Wear Pants by Llyra
False Gods by Deborah Wright
Finders Keepers by Wildkat
Good and Evil by Quiet Wolf
Ground Iolaus by Amorette
Hercules' Sorrow by DreamCatcher [Warning]
Hero-ics by Amorette
Hero of Love by Quietwolf
I Was Born to Sing Your Song by Quiet Wolf
It's Not True by Quietwolf
Little White Lies by Margui
Pariah by Arianna
Rain, Rain, Go Away by Sandman
Royal Pain by MaryE
Sharper than a Serpent's Quill by Amorette
Stretching the Truth by Margui
Surprising Sacrifices by Margui
Tears of War by Amorette
"Very Special" Solstice Story by Quiet Wolf
Watch Your Back by Arianna
Weeping Maiden by Arianna
When Ares Came A'Courtin' by Lunita
Why He Stayed by Arianna
Wrong Path by Rhiannon [RLJ sea1, ep 7]

Outstanding Humorous Story:

I Left the Light for This? by Bwell (1999)
Iolaus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Ceryndip (1999)
Turnabout is Fair Play by Fyresong (1999)
The Chastity Wars by Locita v
The Perils of Perseus by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wells Wilson (1999)
Turnabout by Valentin (1999)
Chaos Theory by Ziggy (1999)
Exit Strategy by Owlharp (2000)
Dem Bones by Carolyn Golledge, Liz Sharpe and Martha Wilson (2001)
The Demigod and the Irritable Sidekick by Ceryndip (2002)
In Vino Salacitias by Artemis Artemis (2002)

Honorable Mention Outstanding Humorous Story:

Kings and Jokers By Adrianne (1999)
If Wishes Were Fishes by Carolyn (1999)
Curiouser and Curiouser by Ceallach (1999)
One Lump or Two? by Ceallach (1999)
The Jerry Springer Show by Ceridwen (1999)
Iolaus' Closet of Anxiety by Despoena (1999)
Growing Pains by Fyresong (1999)
King of Thieves by Fyresong (1999)
How Not To Write Series by Helena Handbasket (1999)
12 Gifts From Hades by Keesha (1999)
The Long and Short of the Matter by Keesha (1999)
A Toady Tall Tale by Keesha (1999)
The Good, the Bad and the Simply Manic by Kendaa (1999)
Season of Disaster by Maigrey (1999)
A Redneck Olympus by Melinda (1999)
Run of Luck by Moon (1999)
Pocket Hercules Maze of the Minotaur by Ryp (2000)
The Dance Lesson by Ceryndip (2000)
Furbules by Llyra (2000)
Hazards of the Die by Margui (2000)
One Thing Leads to Another by Pythia (2000)
If You Give Iolaus Boar Stew by Bwell (2001)
Pocket Hercules II: Hercules and the Amazon Women by Ryp (2001)
Token Hercules by Quietwolf (2001)
Attack of the Killer Bees by Rhiannon (2002)
A Series of Unfortunate Events by Annabelle (2002)
Mama Bear by Lunita (2002)
Little Surprises by Lunita (2002)
Forked Tongue by Amorette (2002)
Dancing with Bulls by Lunita (2002)
Keeping Up with the Geraldine Jones' by Llyra

Outstanding Drama Story:

Only Sorrows, Only Truths by Cobber (1999)
Epilogue to "Only Sorrows, Only Truths" by Moon and Dreamcatcher (1999)
Child's Play Series by Gemina (1999)
Eel of Fortune by Locita and CapnNate (1999)
Opaline Sleep by Owlharp (1999)
Home is Where the Heart is by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wells Wilson (1999)
Shieldbearer's Gift by Pythia (2000)
Heaven Must be Missing an Angel by Pythia (2001)
Home is the Hunter by Martha Wilson (2001)
On Ice by Pythia (2002)
An Iolaus A Day by Amorette (2002)

Honorable Mention Outstanding Drama Story:

The Greeting by Beckers (1999)
Someone To Watch Over Me by Bwell (1999)
Brother's Keeper by Carolyn (1999)
Liar's Moon by Ceallach (1999)
Soul Stone by Ceredwyn (1999)
Once and Future King by Ceryndip (1999)
Dreams of Friendship by Dreamcatcher (1999)
The Empath by Donna Eisner (1999)
Fury's Fire by Fyresong (1999)
Who's Death is it Anyway? by Fyresong (1999)
Lady of the Forest by Jamie (1999)
What is A Hero? by Jane (1999)
Better Days by Jesse Quick (1999)
The Long Road by Keesha (1999)
And Yet He Still Loved Him by Keesha (1999)
No Second Troy by Morgan (1999)
Sunlight in Sumeria by Owlharp (1999)
Hunter's Heart by Sulee (1999)
Purpose by Beckers (2000)
A Season Too Late by Melinda Holley and Deb Gesner (2000)
Crimson Tide by White Raven (2000)
Reflections by Regina (2000)
Winged Victory by MaryE (2000)
Hero's Choice by Melinda Holley (2000)
Darkness Visible Revisited by Martha Wilson (2001)
The Bargain by Arianna (2001)
The Rose by Arianna (2002)
Be Careful What You Wish For by Arianna (2002)
Betrayed by Arianna (2002)
Family Feuds by Arianna (2002)
The Statue by Caro (2002)

Outstanding Young Hercules Story:

Larceny and the Bounty by Artemis Artemis (1999)
Someone To Watch Ove Me by Bwell (1999)
Heart of a Hero by Ceryndip (1999)
Dreams of Friendship by Dreamcatcher (1999)
And Yet He Still Loved Him by Keesha (1999)
Loyalty Between Friends by Whiteraven and White Rose (1999)
Warrior Heart by Wildkat (1999)
Of Friends and Brothers by Sue Kelley (2000)
Loss of Innocence by Melinda Holley (2000)
Things That Shouldn't Be by MaryE (2000)
Cave of the Snowbear by Arianna (2001)
Once a Thief by Arianna (2002)
Brothers Unaware by Quiet Wolf (2002)

Honorable Mention Young Hercules Story:

Future Perfect Imperative by Artemis Artemis (1999)
Blood Brothers by Ayelet (1999)
Little Boys Shouldn't Carry Frogs in Their Pockets by Ceryndip (1999)
Sometimes the Serpent Wins by Ceryndip (1999)
At What Cost by Kaly (1999)
It is Better To Have Loved by Keesha (1999)
Letters Home From the Academy by Liz Sharp (1999)
Scenes From a Childhood by Sif (1999)
Always A Hero at Heart by Wildkat (2000)
Day It Happened by Melinda Holley (2000)
One of Life's LIttle Lessons by Ziggy (2000)
Trick of the Light by Quietwolf (2001)
Typical Day by Wildkat (2001)
Hydras Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My by MaryE (2001)
A Taste of Honey by Pythia (2002)
Rabbit Season by Lunita (2002)
Tiny Spirits by Lunita (2002)
Hydras, Pumpkins and Fools, Oh My by Quiet Wolf (2002)
Ewe're the One that I Want by MaryE (2002)

Outstanding Hurt-Comfort Story:

A Life Worth Living by Cass (1999)
Only Sorrows, Only Turths by Cobber (1999)
Epilogue to "Only Sorrows, Only Truths by Moon and Dreamcatcher (1999)
Serpent's Tooth by Owlharp (1999)
Home is Where the Heart is by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wells Wilson (1999)
A Light in the Darkness by Thalya (1999)
Broken Connection by Whiteraven (1999)
Bound By His Brother's Heart by Pythia (2000)
Silence So Loud by Geminia (2000)
Lost by Stormcrow (2001)
Ill Met By Moonlight by Naomi Prince (2001)
Without Words by Caro (2002)
My Soul, My Choice by Arianna (2002)

Honorable Mention Outstanding Hurt-Comfort Story:

A Measure of Love by Ellen Aspengren (1999)
Rescued by Cass (1999)
Share and Share Alike by Ceryndip (1999)
Brothers in Arms by Dragona (1999)
Brothers of the Heart by Dreamcatcher (1999)
Out of the Darkness by Gemina (1999)
Revenge and P.S. to Revenge by Gemina (1999)
Hostage by Ishtar (1999)
Alcmene's Journal" by Jane (1999)
Miracle of the Healing Tears by Jane (1999)
What is A Hero? by Jane (1999)
Hostage by Klio (1999)
The Sea Goddess by Locita (1999)
Between Friends by Moon (1999)
Opaline Sleep by Owlharp (1999)
Willing Sacrifice by Rhiannon (1999)
Norse by Norsewest Revisited by Martha Wells Wilson (2000)
Winter Solstice Miracle by Beckers (2000)
Old Woman, the Otterkin and the Eagle's Child by Pythia (2000)
Cold Feet by Bwell (2001)
To Find Your Memories by Arianna(2001)
Destiny's Child by Geminia (2001)
Precious Time by Quiet Wolf (2002)
Be Careful What You Wish For by Arianna (2002)
At the Hunter's Bedside by Allie (2002)
Giving It All Away by Quiet Wolf (2002)
My Unsung Hero by Arianna (2002)
the Bargain by Bwell (2002)

Outstanding Crossover Story:

Eye of Chronos by Ceredwyn (1999)
Cold Wind to Valhalla by Keith DeCandido (1999)
The Iolaus Files by Locita (1999)
Orphans of Circumstance by Plucky Duck (1999)
When Hellmouth's Collide by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wells Wilson (1999)
Play it Again, Herc by Amorette (2000)
Grecian PD Blue by Quietwolf (2001)
His Amazon by Beckers (2001)
Call Back Yesterday by Amorette (2001)

Honorable Mention Outstanding Crossover Story:

Consequences the Debt by Beckers (1999)
Journey to Elysia by Beckers (1999)
The Gods Slept by Cagey (1999)
The Stargate or Key of Thoth by Ceridwen (1999)
Protect and Survive by Keith DeCandido (1999)
No Second Troy by Morgan (1999)
Unfortunately by Beckers (2000)
Unidentified Falling Object by Carolyn Golledge (2000)
Deadlock by Melinda Holley (2000)

Outstanding Story involving one or more Net Personas:

Mirror of the Moon by Ellen Aspengren (1999)
Barbarian Librarian Series by Bwell (1999)
The Hunter in My Closet by Ceridwen (1999)
Beginnings by Klio (1999)
The Dread Battle by Owlharp (1999)
Storming the Underworld by Owlharp and Co. (1999)
Inspiration by Wildkat (1999)

Honorable Mention Story Involving one or more Net Personas:

The Haps and Mishaps of Moving Helle Cross Country by Helle2 (1999)
The Good, The Bad and The Simply Manic by Kendaa (1999)
First Annual Ms. Winter Solstice Pagent by Ms Pooh (1999)
Go West Young Hunter by Ms Pooh (1999)
Legend of Lord Furstroke by Ms Pooh (1999)

Outstanding Action Story:

Peacock's Eye by Carolyn (1999)
Soul Stone by Ceredwyn (1999)
Survival by Ceryndip (1999)
To Pay the Ferryman by Klio (1999)
Eel of Fortune by Locita and CapnNate (1999)
Dragon Brothers by Locita (1999)
Between Friends by Moon (1999)
Perils of Perseus by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wells Wilson (1999)
Legacy by Fyresong (2000)
Reputations by Naomi Prince (2001)
Jumping to Conclusions by Pythia (2001)
The Last Caravan Leaves At Dawn by Allie (2002)
An Eye for Trouble by Martha Wilson (2002)

Honorable Mention Outstanding Action Story:

A Task by Ceallach (1999)
Flesh and Blood by Cerrillos (1999)
Undaunted by Cerrillos (1999)
The Death Games by Chrysim (1999)
Little Gryphon Lost by Sapphire (1999)
Heroes Not Welcome by Sierra (1999)
A Season Too Late by Melinda Holley and Deb Gesner (2000)
Crimson Tide by White Raven (2000)
Can You Find Your Way in the Dark by Allie (2000)
Rainbow Crystal by Arianna (2001)
Best Served Cold by Arianna (2001)
The Pass by Liz Sharpe (2002)
Under the Hill and Far Away by Martha Wilson (2002)
The Driffion by Arianna (2002)
Silverfur by Regina (2002)

Outstanding Missing Scene or Challenge Story

Darkness Visible by Melinda Holley (2000)
Some Enchanted Evening by Randi Dumois (2001) [Warning Adult Content]
How Many Fingers by Ceryndip (2002)
3AM Freakout by Owlharp (2002)

Honorable Mention Outstanding Missing Scene or Challenge Story

Stranger in a Strange Worldby Melinda Holley (2000)
Cast A Giant Shadow Missing Scenes by Ceryndip (2000)
Cast A Giant Shadow Missing Scenes by Owlharp (2000)
Judgement Day: May Missing Scene Challenge by Owlharp(2001)
Gladiator Missing Scene by Ceryndip (2001)
May Missing Scene Challenge Response by Arianna (2001)
Iolaus for a Day by Lunita (2001)
As Proud as a Peacock by McJude (2002)
King of Thieves Epilogue: Samaritan or Thief by Ceryndip (2002)
Once A King by Bwell (2002)
Hind Trilogy Missing Scene by Arianna (2002)
Amazin' Grace by MaryE (2002)

Outstanding Story containing Adult Content:

Note: Not all of these stories are linked in the Library Index, you can find links to the sites that these stories appear on by going to the Library Links page

No Regrets by Arete (1999)
Only Sorrows, Only Truths by Cobber (1999)
Epilogue to "Only Sorrows, Only Truths" by Moon and Dreamcatcher (1999)
Fair Trade by Moon (1999)
Kidnapped by Ruric (1999)
Measure of A Man by Valentin (1999)
Words of Love by Caro (2000)

Honorable Mention Story containing Adult Content:

Second Chances by Arete (1999)
Boys Will Be Toys by Artemis Artemis (1999)
Lady of the Forest by Jamie (1999)
Saucy Wench Tales: Sylia's Story by Madam Leontin (1999)
Mark of Hera by Martine (1999)
Jagged Rainbow by Morgan (1999)
Wrech of Memories by Morgan (1999)
An Affair to Remember by Scarlette Skye and Randi DuMois (1999)
Breakfast at Iphicles' by Scarlette Skye and Randi DuMois (1999)
Resolutions by Euphonius (2000)
Imagos by Randi Dumois (2000)
Trust Me by Thero (2000)
Many Deaths of Iolaus by Thereinne (2000)

Outstanding Original Character:

Sira from "The Empath Chronicles" by Donna Eisner (1999)
Ceridwen from "The Book of Shadows" by Ceridwen (1999)
Diomedes from "Battlelines" and "Darkness" by Moon (1999)
Tarsus from "Measure of A Man" by Valentin (1999)
Kritias/Kritz from "Eye of Chronos" by Ceredwyn (1999)
Livy from "Blood of Medusa" by Margui (1999)
Kheper from "Home is Where the Heart Is" by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wells Wilson (1999)

Outstanding New Author

Note: Receipients in this category posted their first Hercules stories in the previous year. These authors are not eligible for the Outstanding Author award until their second year.

Arianna (2001)
Naomi Prince (2001)
Annabelle (2002)

Outstanding Author:

Note: Receipients in this category were selected based on the number of stories nominated and the number of different categories an individual author was nominated in.

Allie (2001)
Amorette (2001)
Arianna (2002)
Artemis Artemis (2000)
Ayelet (1999)
Beckers (1999)
Bwell (1999)
Caro (2000)
Cass (1999)
Ceallach (1999)
Ceredwyn (1999)
Ceridwen (1999)
Ceryndip (1999)
Chrysim (1999)
Dragona (1999)
Dreamcatcher (1999)
Randi Dumois (2001)
Donna Eisner (1999)
Euphonius (2000)
Fyresong (1999)
Gemina (1999)
Helena Handbasket (2002)
Jane (1999)
Kaly (2002)
Keesha (1999)
Klio (1999)
Locita (1999)
Llyra (2001)
Lunita (2002)
Margui (2001)
MaryE (2000)
McJude (2002)
Melinda (1999)
Melisande (1999)
Moon (1999)
Morgan (1999)
Owlharp (1999)
Naomi Prince (2002)
Pythia (2000)
Quiet Wolf (2001)
Kimberly Rector (1999)
Regina (1999)
Rhiannon (1999)
Melinda E Riley (2002)
Liz Sharpe (2001)
Skylark (2002)
Stormcrowe (2002)
Valentin (1999)
WhiteRaven (1999)
Wildkat (1999)
Martha Wells Wilson (1999)
Ziggy (1999)

Outstanding Story:

Note: The stories in the category were selected by the library committee, as being stories worthy of recognition. This category is for any stories that have not received an award previously, not just the ones written in the past year.

Seeds of Doubt by Caro (2000)
Ride the Lightning by Mary E (2000)
The Errand by Owlharp (2000)
Flesh and Bones by Caro (2000)
Two Against a Cold Spring by Ceryndip (2000)
Late Watch by Owlharp (2000)
Hero's Heart Missing Scenes by Kleandra (2000)
Dagger of the Mind by White Raven (2000)
Fish Out of Water by Beckers (2000)
Funeral Pyre by Amorette (2000)
The Levkos Amulet by Rhiannon (2000)
Pigs in Thessaly by Allie (2000)
Thessally Prison (Black and Blue) by Mary E (2000)
Crisis of Faith by Melinda (2000)
Proud Obsession by Caro (2000)
A Nighttime Reassurance by Pompeii (2000)
Old Friends by Melinda Riley (2001)
Nico's Story by Arianna (2001)
Dirty Street Trash by Arianna (2001)
Walking Back from Persepolis by Martha Wilson(2001)
Fur-B or Not Fur-B by Llyra (2001)
Wishing by Melinda Holley (2001)
A Demigod's Best Friend by Melinda Holley (2001)
Brotherhood by Melinda Holley (2001)
Valley of Shadows by Shawnee (2002)
Destiny Can't Be Denied by Arianna (2002)
Tangled Webs by Margui (2002)
Dark Dreams by Allie (2002
Soul Searching by Quiet Wolf (2002)
Remembering by Melinda E. Riley (2002)
The Night the Lights Went Out in Tartarus by Allie (2002)
No Matter What by Arianna (2002)
Hero's Price, Hero's Pride by Pythia (2002)
Spoils of War by Pythia (2002)
Epilogue for Judgement Day by Melisande (2002)
Heaven Must be Missing an Angel by Pythia (2002)
Testament of the Spirit by Raven (2002)
Curse of the Dung Beetle by Arianna (2002)
Brother's Sacrifice and Sacrifice's Cost by Kaly (2002)
All Shall be Well by Quiet Wolf (2002)

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