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The Seal of Amyclaea
YH, drama, arc, G or mild PG
When the royal seal disappears just before a presentation ceremony, Jason recruits Iolaus to find it and steal it back.

Family Ties
YH, drama, arc, G or mild PG
When Jason commissions him to search for a lost child, Iolaus learns more about families than he ever thought he'd know. (This is my take on Iolaus's relationship with his father.)

A Series of Unfortunate Events
humor, challenge 8-2002
Iolaus has an unexpectedly exciting day in Corinth. A humorous response to the August 2002 story challenge.

A Sense of Place
challenge 9-2002, YH
Cheiron's Academy from 3 points of view. A response to the September 2002 story challenge.

Music Hath Charms
Feducious learns something from his students. A story inspired by the Young Hercules episode "The Prize".

Double Jeopardy
YH, drama, arc, G or mild PG
Iolaus needs more than a little help from his friends when a mission for Corinth goes horribly wrong. Part three in the Corinthian Agent series.

500 Words about Hercules
YH, challenge 1-2003, G Iolaus writes an essay. A response to the January 2003 Story Challenge.

Better to Give, or When Hector Was a Pup
YH, challenge 3-2003, G
Alcmene has some unexpected visitors. A response to the March 2003 Story Challenge.

Here, There and Everywhere
YH, challenge, 7-2003
Answer to a challenge to write a storycontaining at least 6 of the following elements: dusty scrolls, a ladder, helmet of invisibility, a basket of eggs, a long blond wig, the sentence, "Sorry, it keeps getting in the way.", a Phoenician urn, stuffed grape leaves

Kill With Kindness
YH, rated PG
A story from Iolaus's childhood.

Ill Met by Moonlight
YH, G, challenge, 3-2004
Hercules must find help for Iolaus after he and his two hunting companions wake up one morning and find themselves ... not themselves.

Falafel's Menu
humor, challenge,5-2004

Eye of the Beholder: Another Look
episode related "Eye of the Beholder", humor
Hercules tells Iolaus about his adventures with fifty beautiful princesses, a Cyclops, and a toga salesman.

Love Takes a Holiday Again
episode related "Love Takes A Holiday", humor
Iolaus tells Hercules about his adventures with the Goddess of Love, a lost village, and an unexpected family reunion.

Hunter's Soltice
2005 challenge to tell of Solstice gifts Iolaus received

Solstice Legacy
December 2005 challenge to tell of Solstice gifts Iolaus received.

Confidence, a Tale of Friendship
Iolaus shares a friend's important secret.

What Happens in Attica... stays in Attica
YH, episode related "King for A Day"
Iolaus's great-grandmother reveals some of her checkered past.

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