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Perception is Nine-Tenths of the Law
Iolaus knew when he woke up with a terrible hangover that it wasn't going to be one of his better days but when he found himself dressed in black, in Ares temple, with a nasty nickname, he knew it was going to be his worst day ever.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Hercules
AU, humor
It's always nice when old friends drop by unexpectedly for dinner, even if all you have to eat is leftovers and the old friend has been dead for centuries.

Funeral Pyre
AU, drama
My version of how Iolaus gets to have his cake and eat it, too.

Play it Again, Herc
h/c, drama, AU, episode related (Amazon Women)
Being hit on the head sometimes caused Hercules momentary confusion but surely the blow hadn't been hard enough to cause him to forget what happened to Iolaus at the hands of that Amazon.

November Story Challenge
challenge 11-2000, h/c
Ares has a bad day

Inside Iolaus
challenge, 2-2001, episode related, Highway to Hades
Answer to the Feb 2001 challenge to continue Highway to Hades by telling what happens during the time timeron is borrowing Hercules' body and leaves Hercules as a ghost.

Hind's Blood My Blood
Warning: Adult content

Bad Habits
Warning Adult content

Iolaus Athanatos Esti
the real mythology of how Iolaus became immortal is merged with the fan fic version.

Call Back Yesterday
drama, AU, episode related, "God Fearing Child" and the last season of Xena
An aged Iolaus and the remaining gods try to reset time so they can fix the terrible things that happened after events began in "God Fearing Child".

Forked Tongue
Hercules and Iolaus have problems with one of Ares' pets.

An Iolaus A Day

Well, it's better than having Iolaus dead again but it is giving Hercules a headache and Jason can't keep them all straight.

Perfect Pitch

Difference Between Me and Thee

Thinking in the Rain

Better for Everyone
challenge 6-2001, drama Golden Apple Challenge: Hercules and Iolaus genuinely disagree about an issue. This is my version of what Iolaus does when he isn't with Hercules.

Brother Ghost
Iolaus was born mortal. Hercules was the son of a god. Someday, that was going to make a big difference in their lives and Iolaus was going to have some trouble dealing with it.

Change of Scenery
challenge drama
Response to a Golden Apple challenge: The opening line was the challenge. The story is about Iolaus making a life-changing decision.

Chaos begat Ge who begat Uranus who begat Cronos who begat Zeus who begat Ares and Hercules and is really beginning to regret it.

Emerald Sea
The alternate Iolaus thinks back about his relationship with the Sovereign.

Farewell to Youth
Sometimes, Ares is his own worst enemy. Inspired by mythology.


What does the God of War give his daughter-in-law as a wedding present?

Ground Iolaus

A conversation on the subject of fan writers beating up on Iolaus led my husband to suggest this very gross and disgusting story. It's his fault.


For our favorite heroes, even something as ordinary as hiccups can be dangerous. G-rated. A bit of silliness, a bit of smarm, a bit of humor.16K

Hiding Camels

After dinner conversation, with Iolaus, Hercules and Ares.

Laws of Life
challenge 11-2002
A Golden Apple Challenge for November, 2002. Iolaus teaches someone the "facts of life." How the phrase "facts of life," is interpreted it up to the author. These are the non-reproductive facts in my version.

Natural Born God

In classical myth, the four children of Aphrodite and Ares were Eros, Deimus, Phobus and Harmonia. I try to imagine what Ares must have been like as a parent.


Again, falling back on classical mythology. Ares and the brass jar story.

Sharper than a Serpent's Quill

Quill-throwing monsters do not a good day make for Iolaus and Hercules.

Something Different
Just something that came to me during a slow day at the office. I work alone and was having this dialogue, sort of out loud, Iolaus talking to someone holding him captive. This was the result.

Splish, Splash

Just some innocent silliness. Grecian river deities were mostly male but since these stories take place in a world with a blue-eyed Hercules, I figure I can take some liberties.

Tale of the Temple

Time passes and where are our old friends now? Herc's a god, Iolaus is old and Ares is still a troublemaker.

Tears of War

Written, with tears in my eyes, the day after I learned that Kevin Smith had passed away, February 16, 2002. 12K

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