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Can You Find Your Way in the Dark?
drama, h/c, challenge, first1
An answer to the July 2000 story challenge. Ares and discord play a dangerous game with Iolaus' life.

A Guardian Angel
drama, AU
Hercules is dead and now a god. He must find a new partner for his best friend.

Pigs in Thessaly
challenge, ep1, humor
answer to the August Story Challenge to write a story which explains the references in "Heedless Hearts" about not wanting to try the same jail escape they tried in Thessaly.

The Distressed Hero
Challenge damsel
Iolaus rescues a damsel in distress and gets more than he bargained for.

Best Fishing Trip Ever
Challenge 3-2001, YH
The boys take a holiday, a fun-filled camping trip to the beach.

Dark Dreams
Iolaus is back in the Light, and Hercules is alone once more.

The Night the Lights Went out in Tartarus
challenge 7-2001
Little Hercules and Little Iolaus have an adventure with an enchanted scroll

I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark

Below The Salt

Hercules and Iolaus must deal with a love-struck merchant

At the Hunter's Bedside
Challenge 4-2002, h/c
A conversation between Hercules and Iolaus while the hunter is recuperating from his latest mishap.

The Last Caravan Leaves At Dawn
Challenge 8-2002
In North Africa, on a mission for Iphicles, the guys find plenty of trouble to get into.

A Day In The Life Of Hades, Lord God Of The Underworld
Some days life is just one annoying thing right after another.

From Boeotia With Love
Contemporary tale of two immortal heroes and one damsel in distress.

By chance, Iolaus meets a half-brother he never knew he had.

Sparta Hotel
Part One
How the demigod and his best friend became immortal heroes

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