Dune Sea Express

From 1990 to 1995, ETC produced 24 issues of a newsletter/fanzine. The DSE began as a bi-monthly in January 1990 and grew into a fanzine in 1991. Beginningin March of 1992 the 'zine went quarterly. Over the years we switched from full page to half page formats featuring fiction, non-fiction, cartoons, art, poetry, book reviews, and articles of all types and sizes.

These issues are being made available as PDF files. The print issues were scanned as is. Back in 1990 we had dot matrix printers and layouts were still pasted in place. Technology has come a long way since then. The earlier issues are the more "primative" looking but they are legible. Addresses have been blocked out, none of the offers are still in effect. These are relics from the past. Enjoy!

Issue 1 - January 1990Poetry, News, Review of Three Minute Universe
Issue 2 - March 1990"Posy Attempt 1 The Castle", "The Night Before Trekcon," Review of Tek War
Issue 3 - May/June 1990"Misguided Muddlings of a Movie Going Misfit", "Posy, Attempt 2: Tricked", Checklist Doctor Who novels pt 1, Reviews of Memory Prime and Double Double
Issue 4 - July/August 1990"Posy Attempt 3 the Choice", Checklist Doctor Who Novels pt 2, Review of Lost Years
Issue 5 - September/October 1990"Posy Attempt 4 The Battle", poetry, Checklist Doctor Who Novels pt 3, Review of Pandora Principle
Issue 6 - November 1990"Whovian Christmas", "Man with 12 Lives", Review of Ishmael, Checklist of Bantam and Ballantine Star Trek Novels
Issue 7 - January 1991"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream", news, trivia, Review of Prime Directive
Issue 8 - March 1991"Dr Who and the Lady of the Lake pt 1", Austin Creation Con, "How I Became a Ninja Turtle Fan", Checklist Pocket Star Trek novels, Review of Home is the Hunter
Issue 9 - May 1991"Dr Who and the Lady of the Lake pt 2", dialogue on the practicality of the Hal 9000, Review of Ghost Walker
Issue 10 - July 1991"Dr Who and the Lady of the Lake pt 3", 25th Anniversary Star Trek Con, Checklist Next Gen Novels, Review of Renegade
Issue 11 - September 1991"Dr Who and the Lady of the Lake pt 4", review of Bloodthirst
Issue 12 - November 1991Guide to 25th Anniversary collectibles, "Twelve Days of Trek Christmas", Reviews of varous Trek books
Issue 13 - January 1992"Pinpointing Vulcan's Sun in the Night Sky", "On the Death of Gene Roddenberry", Review of Q-In-Law
Issue 14 - Spring 1992"The Expedition", Sircon 6 report, Michael Dorn Interview, Reviews of The Rift and Teklords
Issue 15 - Summer 1992"Fall from Grace", transcript of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry's Con Appearance, Reviews of Chains of Command and Probe
Issue 16 - September 1992"Evolution Dilemma pt 1", Review of Next Gen episode "The Outcast", Reviews of Perchance to Dream and Ice Trap
Issue 17 - Winter 1992"Evolution Dilemma pt 2", Galileo Blueprints, Review of Next Gen episode, "Relics", "Evolution Dilemma pt 3", Review of Imbalance, interview with Barbara Hambly.
Issue 18 - Spring 1993"Evolution Dilemma pt 4", review of classic Trek episode "Omega Glory", blueprints, reviews of Relics and Best Destiny
Issue 19 - Summer 1993poetry, "Evolution Dilemma pt 5", blueprints, Reviews of Emmisary and Nightshade, interview with Carmen Carter
Issue 20 - Fall 1993"Evolution Dilemma pt 6", trivia, puzzle, review of Next Gen episode "Devil's Due", Reviews of The Siege, Romulan Prize, and Sanctuary
Issue 21 - Winter 1993"Evolution Dilemma pt 7", trivia, Map of the Milky Way Galaxy, Review of Dr Who episode "Black Orchid", Blueprints, Reviews of Bloodletter, Guises of the Mind, and The Great Starship Race
Issue 22 - Spring 1994"Evolution Dilemma pt 8", Review of B-5 episode "Mind War", trivia, Reviews of Big Game, Dark Mirror and Shadows on the Sun
Issue 23 - Summer 1994"Evolution Dilemma pt 9", "Mind War review cont, Review of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series
Issue 24 - Fall 1994"Evolution Dilemma pt 10", cartoon, artwork

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