Book Club

Every other month the members read something by the same author and after or during the regular meeting that month, we discuss the works of said author. We don't all read the same book or story, just whatever looks interesting to us at the time that way, we hope to have a representative sampling of the authors works to discuss and compare.

Authors we have already discussed but are happy to revisit at any time:

May - Glen Cook
July - Dave Duncan
Sept - Martha Wells
Nov - Robert Asprin

Jan - Robert Heinlein
Mar - Pohl Anderson
May - Larry Niven
July - John Moore
Sept - Isaac Asimov
Nov - Ray Bradbury

Jan - David Drake
Mar - Murray Leinster
May - Elizabeth Moon
July Lois McMaster Bujold
Sept - David Webber
Nov - Spider Robinson

Jan - Jack McDevitt
Mar - Jerry Pournelle
May - George R. R. Martin
July - Arthur C. Clarke
Sept - Roger Zelazny
Nov - Jim Butcher

Feb - Alan Dean Foster
April - Rachel Caine
June - Jon Scalzi
Aug - Robert E. Howard
Oct - Harry Harrison
Dec - Terry Pratchett

Feb - Anne McCaffrey
Apr - Fred Saberhagen
June - H Beam Piper
Aug - David Brin
Oct - Marion Zimmer Bradley
Dec - Gordon Dickson

Ben Bova
Mercedes Lackey
Harry Turtledove
Neil Gaiman
Jules Verne
Douglas Adams

Cherie Priest
Robert Sawyer
Norman Spinrad
Eric Flint
Howard Andrew Jones
A Lee Martinez

HG Wells
Allen Steele
Catherine Asaro
Clifford Simak
Michelle Sagara
Esther Friesner

Alastair Reynolds
Stephen Baxter
Sarah Hoyt
Andy Weir
William Hartmann
Paul Cornell

Superman - Superman the Movie 1978
Spider-Man - 2002
Batman - 1989
Iron Man - 2008
X-Men - 2000
The Avengers - 1998

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