Tutorials/Class Handouts

If you are an instructor and would like to use any of these handouts in your class,
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permission before using the handouts.

These files are all in PDF format. To save the files to your computer, right click on the link and "save link as".

Knitting Basics 101

Cable Knitting

Fair Isle Knitting

Double Knitting - Shamrock

Double Knitting - Klingon Style

Building and Using a Knitting Frame or Knitting Board

Crochet 101

Quilting - Hand Piecing 101

Quilting - Applique 101

Quilting Basics 101 - putting the layers together, quilting
and building a quilting frame like Grandma used to use

Quilting - Making a Quillo (quilt/pillow)

Embroidery Stitches

How to Read a Weaving Draft and How to Read a Tartan Pattern

Building an Inkle from PVC Pipe

Shuttles, Heddles, and Warping your PVC Inkle Loom

Basic Pick Up Weaving for Inkle Loom

Intermediate Pick Up Weaving for Inkle Loom - Brocade

PVC 4 Harness Loom Plans Part A

PVC 4 Harness Loom Plans Part B

Tartan Weaving 101

Building and Using a Warp Weighted Loom

Band Weaving 101

Card or Tablet Weaving

Stick Weaving

Lucet Braiding

Using a Drop Spindle to Make Cord

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